16 yr Old Madeleine McAulay on Obama- “Forward” to Failure

Madeleine McAulay is 16 years old. She had this to say about President Obama’s newest campaign slogan, “Forward”

Money quote: “Mr.President, keep your hollow rhetoric, your hope and your change and give me my future back”

Oh yeah, did I mention she’s SIXTEEN!

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  1. Arras says:

    RON PAUL!!!!!!!

  2. Terri says:

    I agree with this 16 year old, she is right on. I voted for Obama in 2008. I wanted change. Nothing has changed, we still have no jobs, The Democrates voted against the “KEYSTONE PIPELINE” which would of created jobs. I truly feel that Obama isn’t looking in the best of the United States and I believe Joe A of Arizona was right. I don’t believe Obama was born in Hawaii, there is a deep concern for his Service Record also. This president is to much of a “Green” person. The Enviromentalist? I don’t care for them.

  3. allyHM says:

    Amazing that she is so young and yet understands what so many of voting age do not.

  4. Erus says:

    She also misses the idea that home schooling can lead to social issues and interaction problems unless the family has multiple children or many outtings.

    Home school is great when applied the right way but that is just it. Applying it the right way is many times not done. Also some parents don’t do it because they can’t. Not because or work but because they do not have an education high enough required for the job.

  5. Erus says:

    my comment was supposed to be on her other video…bloody blog software

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