Kira Davis a former actress, Youtube personality and freelance blogger. She immigrated to the United States at 18 and is big fan of the Constitution, Bill of Rights and scotch. Kira is a liberal (classical), a huge sci-fi nerd and no, she won’t watch Game of Thrones so stop telling her to.

Other Contributors:

 Marquis “Motionn” Campbell is a young conservative with a desire for an America flowing with freedom and liberty.  A native of Paterson, NJ, Motionn wields    many passions, including politics, cooking, & music… Motionn is a Bartending Instructor by trade; At heart, however, he is a full-time supporter of restoring America.



Takia Hollowell As a native of Gary, IN, this Christian Conservative woman emphatically enjoys reading history, economics and law. My burden for the urban community and our nation as a whole, inspires me to get involved politically. It is my desire to see America return to the principles that originally made this nation great.




 Talitha K. McEachin is a staunch Conservative & member of the Tea Party. She is well known for her candid opinions, humor & apologetics for the Conservative cause & the Christian faith. Talitha, an Atlanta native, is an editorial writer for Black Literature magazine & the first novel in her fantasy series, The Elements, is due to be released in 2012. She also hosts the internet radio show “Book Reads” every Sunday featuring published writers from all genres.


  1. Luke says:

    Hey Kira, just found your website from a link your dad posted. You have a great group of people here and I enjoyed reading your articles.

    • Kira Davis says:

      Thanks Luke! Good to see you on here. I appreciate the reads and please stop by often. We’ve got some great pieces planned for the near future.

    • Paul in Calgary says:

      Hey you Paul here from airdrie Alberta Canada just saying I loved your “apology” you took the words right out of my mouth . Congrats for being a woman of color and seeing through the liberal racism …love you keep it up !!! Many props f
      Tom Canada.

    • Judy says:

      Bravo Kira!

    • Wow, Kira, I’m so impressed with all your good sense and verve! I just got through listening to “Open Letter to Toure”. I am 64, white conservative, and so encouraged by your conservative ideas and values. We need more young conservatives like you! God Bless and good luck in all of your endeavors!

  2. jolene says:

    Dear Kira and contributors. I am neither american nor black, but am interested in reading your thoughtFUL debates. May I join.

  3. nice to meet you all, looking forward to reading your posts.

    Bobby in Canada

  4. discipled1 says:


    I would interested in joining your site as a contributor. My site can found at http://www.watchmanscorner.com I write about how our country should be returned to its founding values from a Biblical perspective; Starting with premise that cultural and political change does not start at the White House, but rather the Church House.

    Take a look and let me know your decision.

    Gerald Harrison

  5. Peter Mullen says:

    Just discovered your blog. I’m already a fan!

  6. Christy says:

    I just found your blog via your awesome apology! As an Army wife, you expressed my sentiments exactly!!! I’m sick and tired of this “man” apologizing for what my husband and others are fighting for and against, and it’s their lives on the line, not his.

  7. Mary Ellen says:

    I just saw your apology! Thanks for saying what most of us are thinking! I am now subscribing to your blog!

  8. Radar says:

    Awesome video (apology), saw it on one of the milblogs. Two thumbs up!

  9. L-O-V-E-D you apology video. Now, roll up them sleeves and consider politics as a measns to effectively reverse the transmografication of our nation by BHO. Be a part of the solution revolution…we need you girl!…ya got my vote!

    • don rivers says:

      Yes, Kira is strong and I prefer her to remain as a political commentator and gather a larger and stronger base of followers. Remember that Rush Limbaugh is a powerful persuade and gets the inside scoop on his short trips to D.C. Personally it’s love at first recon… regardless of her sex-race-creed_familia or Nationality. Lol Don

  10. Dennis O'Neil says:

    I followed the link from your youtube channel, and have spent a wonderful hour going through your posts and those of your talented contributors Marquis and Takia. I had started to become disillusioned with today’s youth, especially in light of the antics by the “Occupy Everywhere” crowd. Exploring the pages here has shown me once again there really is hope for our Nation’s future. In just a few hours I reach my 60th birthday. Thank you Kira, Marquis, and Takia, for giving me one of the best presents ever – renewed faith in those who will lead us into a brighter tomorrow.

    • Renato Brown says:

      I just wanted to thank you, Dennis O’Neil, for expressing my sentiments. I’ve been following Kira for awhile, but I’ve just run across your post today. So, thank you again and let’s be sure to introduce her to as many as we can.

  11. Brandon says:

    Ms. Davis, I saw your apology video. Great stuff! I’ve read some of your posts and am highly impressed with your astute observations which is backed by an obviously solid Conservative foundation. If I may also mention that you are stunningly beautiful, at least to his Texas boy.

  12. Wayne says:

    Great job on the ‘apology’. I’ve bookmarked your site.

  13. Pete says:

    Excellent ‘apology’ video. And I found another great blog as a result! Keep it up. Thanks

  14. Tali says:

    Awesome job on the apology to Karzai video! I have shared it on FB. Thank you for saying what needs to be said! We need more folks like you!!
    Be well,

  15. Sylvia says:

    Where do I find your facebook page. Can’t seem to find it on your page to LIKE.

  16. Mark says:

    what a brilliant “apology”, thanks for putting that so eloquently and great to find your site.

  17. Lisa says:

    Thank you for your apology video, and saying what needs to be said.

    Happy to find your site and looking forward to reading it more often.

    Nice to know there are Americans out there who will still stand up for America.

  18. jintexas says:

    What a THOUGHTFUL, overdue apology, Kira! Rock on baby!!

  19. Toa says:

    I just viewed the hearfelt apology over at the Moonbattery site, and thence discovered this site. If that video doesn’t go viral, it darn well should, and I do hope Mr. Karzai gets a chance to enjoy it. And I’ve just made another worthy bookmark to my already big list if web places.

  20. Carol Dreeszen says:

    Kira…Well said!! I congratulate you on your truthful words spoken to Karzai! I hope he reads everyone or watches everyone! Even if he does not take them to heart the crook needs to read what he really is about! If only our President had the guts to say the words you did but alas seeing as how he is one of them he is a wimp! Those people over there are so backwards it’s unreal!! They are nothing but pure evil!! Thanks again for an awesome and inspiring video!

  21. Subvet says:

    Saw that “apology” a couple of days ago. I’m still laughing! Keep up the good work.

  22. Cheryl says:

    Thank you Kira, for your fantastic “apology”! Well done & keep it up!

  23. Billy B says:

    Loved the apology. Love the site. I’ve saved it to favorites! Keep it coming- looking forward to reading through site!

  24. Betty says:

    Enjoyed and forwarded your well-spoken “apology”. I became an instant fan of yours and respect you tremendously. Please keep it up – this country needs a breath of fresh air (like you).

  25. HvyGunnner says:

    You knocked it out of the park with “Apology”. Another instant fan here!

  26. dan arndt says:

    I loved your apology speech. Is there any way to get a printed copy of your apology?

  27. danindenver says:

    You mentioned a chat room on the air, tonight.
    I can’t find it. Is it active and do I get to it through blogtalkradio?

  28. Ron says:

    Hi Kira,
    Discavered you just yesterday on Michael Coren’s “The Arena”.
    And today found “The Apology”.
    Either one of these two enough to be your fan.

    Toronto, Canada

  29. Ted says:

    Hi Kira,

    I found your site after reading a story from Townhall. Thank you for your bravery. You know you will be “hit” in full force by the left. I wish there were more Americans like you. Love your spunk!!

  30. donnafrflorida says:

    Lloyd marcus, ennis , williams, a king, jessie petterson. i adore these folks. so courageous. they wiuld make mlk so proud. I gladly march arm to arm lock step with anyone of them. Kira is my newest bff.

  31. Laura says:

    Hello Kira. I just saw you for the first time from Zo’s site. You are absolutely fantastic. I’m not a person of color unless you call pasty white a color, but I am an American and I wish we could get past the racial crap. It’s a manipulation to stay in power for some and I’m frankly sick of it. Having said that I will continue to follow you and post on my FB so hopefully others will be able to hear you wisdom and common sense.

  32. karen hayes says:

    Thank you! Love your videos, “Liked” your facebook page, bookmarked this site and I am looking forward to listening to your radio show! With a media flooded with so much liberal leaning propaganda I feel more hopeful every time I find another conservative voice out there. Keep doing what you’re doing, this country needs more voices like yours that can spread the truth and open their eyes!

  33. Millicent Bystander says:

    As I just wrote over at Townhall.com, your “open letter” to Toure was an absolute tour de force!!! It was passionate, well-reasoned and inspirational. You, Ms. Davis, are a warrior, brave and unafraid. While I lay no claim to knowing God’s mind, it is abundantly clear to me that He has His finger on your heart and has great things in store for you.

    Cheers, and may God bless!

  34. Your video to Toure just about brought a tear to my eye. A tear when you recounted terrible racism you endured when you were young, but also a tear of joy knowing that you didn’t let that terrible experience cloud your tolerance and, from what I feel from your persona in the video, love of others. I am so glad you are a fellow conservative, and believe in PEOPLE (failed as we can be) over Government.

  35. Lois says:

    Just found your website….cuz of the recent “niggar” CNN response, which was GREAT! Then I went and watched some of the other vidoes…BEST OF THE BEST was probably the apology to Karzai— that would be beyond words to acclaim what it summarized for me, and with such articulate skills. Boy, does God have a plan for you! And you are such a pretty young “babe” at that. I loved it. Then to top off a feeling of kinship with your spirit, one of the comment lines suggested your dad has a blog too? I am probably in his age category and was wondering where to take a peak at his site? With you as an outcome of parenting, I look forward to seeing what he blogs!
    Aloha and God bless

  36. randy yoder says:


    I watched your open letter to Toure at IJR and was extremely impressed! I don’t believe I’ve ever heard/read such an eloquent and powerful account of how racism (and the N word) might affect someone. I will never forget it….

    I’d like to share my comments that I posted there…..

    “what a wonderful, articulate lady….well done!

    I’d like to add….if there was ever a compelling, convincing, noble, heartfelt reason why a person (including myself) should refrain from using the N word and truely understand the painful effect(s) it conjures…the words spoken by this young lady represent it.”

    I wish you well…..

  37. I just heard your letter to Toure on Breitbart.com. It brought a tear to my heart, and my soul. You are a breath of fresh air in a news cycle polluted with the smog of lies, corruption, and manipulation.

    Bless you. I look forwarded to visiting your site regularly now!


  38. Mark Hooks says:

    To the Joe Bidens & the Toures of the world:

    These are the people you are trying to talk down to. They are Kira Davis. And they are your intellectual, emotional, and moral, superiors.

  39. Mary Shawe says:

    Kira, just watched your response to Toure and may I say, well done. You did a wonderful job of responding, and spoke to many. I admire your courage, and your confidence. Never stop. Never stop.

  40. Freedomfighter says:

    Thank you so much Kira. You have done much good in your response to Toure. Frankly, as a white, I am tired of people calling us whites all racist. I love everybody and always have. I wish that more whites and blacks mixed. I feel like we need to cultivate deeper relationships with one another. You have earned my love and respect and it has nothing to do with skin color. There is so much we can learn from each other. God said that if we hate our brother that we can see, how can we love him that we haven’t seen…Professing Christians of all people need to get this squared away..God has zero tolerance for hate without a cause….keep standing up to evil.

  41. Michael Grady says:

    Hi Kira,

    Thanks for your website, and your twitter feed!! I appreciate your candor and honesty while keeping the conservative voice heard from ground level.

    God Bless,
    Michael Grady

  42. Charles Butler says:

    This is awesome! I love and support this website! I feel that I have a place!

  43. Don Jones says:

    Kira, you are a breath of fresh conservative air….Found you through ZoNation…Both you and Alfonzo need to have your own shows on Fox News…..I already sent them and e-mail!
    Stay strong and right on!

    Don Jones

  44. Todd says:

    Hi Kira, I just found your site, and am very much looking forward to reading more of not only your work, but also the work of your contributors.

    Our children, by the droves, have been duped. The president could have spoken out for both Derrion Albert and Allen Coon.

    The president could have said, both the Fort Hood and Wisconsin, Sikh massacres are unacceptable.
    He’s just smart enough to not alienate his base. *11/04/2008 was NOT about history having been made. If it were, the honorable Alan Keyes would have been seeking re-election. My boys are Dakota-Ricans and I wish more minorities were able to understand that when an illegal immigrant is granted anything there is less of something for minority, American, citizens. Sad days.

  45. Loretta Weisberg says:

    Please consider running for office!! America needs you!

  46. Jane says:

    Isn’t your “voice” and message a bit hypocritical considering the choices your husbands make and your decision to stay with him. By standing by his side you’re actively being passive. It’s not okay.

  47. Arthur says:

    Thank you for what you do for America…so sad our politicans don’t have the balls to come out and say the things that you do……

  48. indipete says:

    Regarding your post-Newtown gun control video, I would say that, given the fire-power of modern armed forces, even assault rifles are weak protections against a tyrannical regime — but, better than nothing, I suppose. I suspect they would be more important in the event that civil order breaks down.

    I received your video via a forwarded email; it was my first exposure to you. You radiate intelligence and honesty; you’re a credit to your race — the human one, that is.

  49. Anthony says:

    I just came across an article you wrote that was linked on the Tea Party Community. I have to say you are awesome. It’s so refreshing to see someone with eyes wide open and taking an active role in trying to turn our country back away from the progressive agenda that will destroy what we love. God bless you and your family. Thank you :)

  50. Richard M. Wolfe Gysgt USMC ret. says:

    I find you completely on target and would have been proud to serve with you had you chosen the military (Marines of course) as your lifes vocation. Keep on plugging away with the truth, Semper Fidelis, Richard

  51. Gene says:

    Hi Kira,
    I saw your video comments on GunControl. I believe you are dead on.
    I was wondering what are your thoughts on Our Constitution, how much would you like our representatives to adhere to Our Constitution??

  52. Charles Butler says:

    God bless you Kira! I love your youtube videos and your positions on many issues especially your support for the 2nd Amendment!

  53. Don says:

    Hello Kira, I have listened to you speak and I just want you that I find you extremely eloquent and a pleasure to listen to. Your views are spot on and I hope one day you run for office and perhaps even for President, as I would vote for you in a heartbeat. You are exactly what this country needs, a person driven by their own desire and not controlled by others. Good luck to you on your endeavors, I hope and trust you will go far.

  54. Jacks says:

    A Kiradavis.net meme on Pinterest brought me here!

  55. Bjfletcher says:

    Just heard about you! I live in a community where we have 77 percent blacks and about 500 churches that try to keep this community in the 60,s. poverty is the number 1 industry here because of our leadership. Please get a group to come help our community. Albany georgia

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