Alfonzo Rachel: Faith and Politics, the Taboo Topic!

I had the privilege of sitting down with Alfonzo Rachel recently. We had a frank discussion about our Christian faith and how we relate that to politics as Black Americans. Should Christians vote for politicians who promote anti-Christ policy? How to we in the Black community square our faith with our votes? We had a very frank and interesting exchange. I think we answered a lot of the questions we are often asked as Black Conservatives of faith. I hope that more than just fans of Zo will take the time to watch this video. It is my sincere hope that, at the very least this conversation will spur some thought, some consideration and some prayer.

I honestly have no idea how Zo was able to cut this video down to size. We talked for hours and really could have gone on hours longer! Please enjoy and share.


  1. Marty Sims says:

    I have to admit, after watching this and listening to Alfonzo explain his view of Jesus taking from one and giving to another was something I have never heard from anyone before. Also I think he left something out as well. Had the guy refused to give to Jesus are we to believe Jesus would have locked the guy up in prison for years the way the government does if you give no taxes? No, he wouldn’t. He wasn’t there to judge, he was there to teach at that time.

  2. Kenneth T. Tellis says:

    Remember that Christianity is firstly a personal decision, not one that can be foisted on society. And whatever else Christianity begins at home.

  3. Bryan says:

    Forgive me for posting here as well. Just wanted to share my views and theology on voting for “Biblical values.” It’s a long post, so I’ll share the link to my blog post on the topic.


  4. Leslie says:

    Wow. Such well thought-out, Biblical arguments for involving Christ in our politics. It should be logical. But we live in a fallen world, and people choose not to see truth and logic.

    Thank you for this timely post. I don’t know what tonight’s results will bring, but I sure do feel better knowing there are others like me out there – God-fearing Christians who make political decisions based on His truths.

    Thank you both, you are treasures!

  5. imdumimdum says:

    religion should have nothing to do with politics. anyone that needs a factitious book to tell them how to live or think isn’t savvy enough to understand that anyone who mixes the two walks a fine line…

  6. Morpheus says:

    “The Democratic party and what Obama stands for is antithetical to the Christian faith”

    An inaccurate and specious statement at best, an utterly dishonest and misleading statement at worst.

    • Chris Sexton says:

      Perhaps you did not watch the Democrat National Convention when God was repeatedly “booed”. Since Christiantiy is God and God is Christianity is not “booing” God antithetical to the Christian faith? Perhaps you haven’t read or heard of the HHS rules regarding forced payment for contraceptives and abortion by religious organizations except in very narrow circumstances. Is not forcing a religious organzation to pay for abortions is antithetical to Christianity? Does not Obama support gay marriage? That is antithetical to the Christian faith. The answers to these questions categorically dispute your misleading statement and is utterly dishonest on its face.

  7. Satan At The Wailing Wall

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