Allen West: Leading Blacks Off the Democrat Plantation

This week I was accused -by someone I thought was a friend – of being the type of Black person who would follow a Tea Party leader all the way back to the plantation.  The statement was so cruel, untruthful and ignorant I just left it there.  I wanted to explain that as a Black woman I am trying like hell to get off the liberal Democrat intellectual plantation and take as many enslaved minds with me as I can.  But I knew it would do no good.  My  ‘friend’ is already totally committed to his narrative as informed by MSNBC and Mother Jones.  I just don’t have the eloquence or the patience to combat such foolishness.  However, Allen West has the ability to address this issue with ease, clarity and intelligence.  When I saw this video I felt relief.  Allen West says it better than I ever could.


  1. I’ve been there before, and dealing with one of them now. It takes a lot of patience because you don’t want to scare them off (drop too much knowledge on them) but you, at least, want them to leave with an impression. I dropped statistics about Democratic polices and the effect it’s had on our communities and I’m met with a deflection (usually bringing up something the GOP did). Then I’d ask something to the effect of “Now you defend what’s happened to us, and have the nerve to call me a house negro?” Placing the argument back on them.
    It gets my blood boiling too, and sometimes, walking away for a while keeps the friendship going…but leave the door open for later discussion by saying you’ll address it later.

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  1. […] Black people are getting tired of being treated like ignorant, uneducated babies who haven’t the ability or will to care for themselves or function properly in modern society.  The idea that somehow there are scores of Black people wandering around this country with no identification whatsoever is patently ridiculous.  It is literally impossible to live an even semi-modern American life without some form of official i.d.  Am I to believe that there are thousands of Black citizens right now who have never cashed a check, opened a bank account, applied for government assistance, purchased alcohol or tobacco or firearms, bought cold medicine or picked up a prescription, registered for school, rented a car, applied for a credit card, flown on an airplane, or…you get the idea.  If identification is needed to buy cough syrup for your baby than why in the hell wouldn’t it be required to engage in the most important privilege we have as American citizens?  Is it racism that requires you to have proper identification when buying beer?  Why isn’t Ben Jealous asking the UN to monitor liquor sales in America? I’ll tell you why: because Jealous knows that his party depends on an easily defrauded system to win elections.  Dead votes, repeat votes, illegal alien votes – these are the voting base of the Democrat party.  Jealous knows damn well Black people have i.d.’s these days.  I would bet my savings account that he doesn’t know anyone over 18 without one.  This is Democrat trickery and minority victimization at its worst. […]

  2. […] Several years ago we saw Bill Cosby take parents and teachers of black children to task for not taking seriously their need(s) to succeed in the real world, and scolded the lack of male leadership in troubled black communities. However, he was chided by the black community ‘leaders’ and those in the media and has since not been as frank in his constructive criticisms. Cosby denys race is a factor in the Zimmerman case … and once again he is being ridiculed for venturing off the liberal/democrat black plantation. […]

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