Take Responsibility… Not CHECKS!!!!

You Want Me To Show ID To Vote? RACIST!


                XBOX 360:  $250… Expensive Weave: $200… Perpetually Spinning Rims That Outsize Car Itself: $400-1,000… Nightclub Entry: $10-35… Outfit for Aforementioned Event: $100-$400… ID to Get In Club (i.e. License, etc.): $25…   ID to Vote for the Leader of the Free-World: Not Needed…   WAIT— WHAT????   […]

Do Your Pants Sag Low, Do They Jiggle To And Fro?


Personal responsibility has become about as rare as a lion’s dinner. There once was a time in which people did self-assessments, following unfavorable occurrences or outcomes. People had no problem looking at themselves in the mirror, and accepting some blame where it was due.  Prior generations actually TOOK PRIDE in owning up to shortcomings, while […]

White Folks: Guilty Until Proven NOT Racist…


Proving others wrong is such a natural aspect of human nature. When those around us challenge our beliefs and stances, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to have examples of things that can logically prove our points.  For a long time, I’ve been ostracized by those around me for being a Black Conservative […]

Education in America: Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems


Imagine the idea of only being able to land an occupation/career based on your geographical location. Picture being restricted to working in your direct municipality. You’re confined to companies, jobs, and industries only in your direct vicinity. Sounds pretty extreme, right? If you’ve got at least one brain cell (which is certain if you’re anything […]

I’ll Stick To My Guns….

A gun a day, keeps the criminals away...

This presidency of Barack Obama has ignited a never-before-seen fire in the hearts of many dormant conservatives. There have been loads of issues that have arisen and been debated, based on this President’s lack of leadership and dangerous ideologies. Conservatives have fought diligently to balance, control, and ultimately remove authoritarian powers in the Executive and […]

You Don’t Have to Be A Shoe-Shopper to Pay Less… Apparently…


Give, and ye shall receive. I believe that’s what the Good Book says. Liberals, if you’re unsure what the Good Book is, just look at the book that you see behind your church pews every Sunday, that you constantly contradict with your policies and ways of life. You know, the only biographical book in which […]

Republi-CAN We All Just Get Along?

be nice

Dear GOP… I am writing you this letter out of utter disgust and disappointment, yet with an overwhelming sense of concern. It is quite shameful how your reputation has deteriorated as a result of Mainstream Media propaganda. However, you haven’t really done much to help matters much. While the predominantly-liberal news machine won’t stop short […]

Ooh-Ooh-Ohh.. I’ve Got A New Gratitude..

Welfare Drug Screens: Not Cruel but All Too Unusual