Beyond Politics: The Elements, An Introduction

Some of you who have only followed my political & social writings may not know this, but I am writing a fictional (fantasy) series consisting of four books (so far that’s the plan) entitled The Elements. I started writing it in 2003 and Book I is due for publication in early 2013, so my talents as a writer go beyond the political battlefield. My worldview & philosophy is one that includes a general belief that all of us, regardless of our political affiliations, should be able to live as harmonious as is possible & as independent of “big government or power”as we are able. Many times, I think that ideological & cultural clashes can be prevented if we imagined ourselves as one whole, independent & yet dependent on one another – literally. I believe in the sanctity of life at all costs & free will but I wanted to explore what would happen when both were “interrupted” in a coercive yet beneficial way, in the name of peace. I want to welcome you all to my world in it’s entirety, so here is a brief synopsis of what you can expect next year from Book I:

When Kgosi (Key-go-see), ruler of the Kishnu (Kish-new) people refuses to halt his invasion of the neighboring villages of the Lungi(Loon-gee) people, and Nkosana (In-ko-sah-nah), ruler of the Lungi people has ordered an act which unintentionally offends a foe that neither ruler could possibly defeat, Baba (Bah-Bah), the elder Kishnu sangoma (san-go-muh) or diviner takes drastic measures to preserve both indigenous tribes of the Earth.

The Elements is a story that takes place millions of years ago on Nchiyamolekuli (In-chee-uh-mow-lay-koo-lee) or as we call it in modern times, Pangea, the massive land mass on earth before the division into seven continents. After a major battle in which many lives are lost and the environment is devastated, Baba, the wisest and most trusted adviser to King Kgosi, first exhausts diplomatic means then urges both rulers to leave their lands to seek refuge elsewhere. Baba has learned that the angered foe is Paytah, leader of the Nootau (New-tah-o) One of the four elements (Earth-the Onatahi (Own-uh-tah-hee), Wind-the Makani (Muh-kaw-nee), Water-the Iscindri (Is-skin-dree) & Fire-the Nootau (New-taw) who live within their respective elements on the Earth and at times among the people disguised as human.

After months of failed crops and fishing expeditions do not produce enough food for the people on both sides; they are forced to follow Baba’s recommendation to leave for Kisiwachamani(Kee-see-watch-ah-mah-nee), a large distant island whose indigenous people may be helpful in supplying the people with food as well as medicine and shelter. In both the Kishnu and Lungi mythology, the island and the body of water between it and Nchiyamolekuli is the resting place for all souls before they are judged and returned to this life through the womb of a woman or animal, depending on their favor or lack of it with the ancestors. Warnings not to go into the waters or visit the island have been passed down for generations but; with the barrenness of their lands and the danger of attack from the Nootau known only to Baba, they are left with no choice.
Once there, the Mwilimmoja (Eem-wee-lee-mo-ha) – the island’s only inhabitants led by Nangaza (Nahn-gah-zah) and his wife Ina (Eye-nuh), agree to aid the Kishnu and Lungi. They only require that the Kishnu and Lungi follow their strict dietary laws and agree to be “prepared”. Nangaza explains that this involves drinking ugolo, a fermented beverage made from the forbidden waters, which will remove all illnesses from the people, thereby preventing the spread of illness to the island’s inhabitants. This is only partially true as the “preparation”also links all of the Lungi & Kishnu people physically in a symbiotic manner causing everything done by individuals to affect the whole population, regardless of their tribes. The Mwilimmoja, after hearing about the war from Baba, which drove the people to the island in the first place, unanimously decide this must be done as they have done to themselves for centuries to prevent violent wars and maintain a peaceful society.The two kings and their people are so desperate that they agree without question, not having full knowledge of what preparation really is, nor the freedom or bondage that comes along with it. In Book I we follow this story from the invasion of Lungizwe, the main village of the Lungi, by the Kishnu, to the initial encounter with the Mwilimmoja of Kisiwachamani.
As I approach the publication date I will be posting an excerpt from Book I of my series. The irony is that I started writing fiction long before I started writing (tyranny will do that to you!) about the current political climate, from a Conservative Libertarian perspective, so it’s my first love. I believe it was Mark Twain who said that the art o satire was to make people laugh, and while their mouths are open, to stick the truth in. I am utilizing this same philosophy with fiction because there are some for whom my non-nonsense, political candor can be a bit jarring sometimes, so I want to reach everyone where they are. Writing & reading great fiction is a passion of mine and I look forward to introducing you all, as well as the entire world with this beautiful story about peace & human nature. Please feel free to ask me any questions &  add yourself to my mailing list for The Elements here. I will be returning to you all next week with the next blog in my “Top 10″ journey exploring race & culture! Until then…
From The Elements Book I The Journey of a Writer  Copyright 2012 All Rights Reserved


  1. Joyce Tyler says:

    Excellent Talitha. I am so proud of you & I can’t wait to read it! God Bless!

  2. Jewell S. says:

    Fantastic! I’m excited :)

  3. Maureen G. says:

    Interesting premise and I can’t wait to read the whole thing!

  4. Tammy H says:

    Your premise is very interesting and I look forward to reading it when published. I can see your philosophy shining through. You’re a wonderful thinker & writer Ms. McEachin, so please keep us informed!

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