BREAKING: Rick Perry Suspends Presidential Campaign, Endorses Gingrich

Rick Perry officially suspended his campaign in South Carolina Thursday morning, two days before that state’s GOP primary.  “What’s broken in America is not our people, its our politics” Perry stated with his wife standing by his side.  Perry went on to endorse Newt Gingrich, admitting he is not a perfect man but “who among us is?…I believe in the power of redemption.”  He spoke of his faith in God and the American people, and thanked his wife for her love and support. Perry will now return to Texas with his family to complete his term as Governor, saying “I am not done fighting for the cause of conservatism.” With Perry out of the race Santorum and Gingrich remain the last two viable alternatives to Mitt Romney, with Ron Paul not far behind.  


  1. Michael Goedhart says:

    It’s a shame that Governor Perry couldn’t get more traction. I certainly prefer him to Santorum. Looks like Palin was right, someone needed to take one for the team, and Gingrich is now easily the best of the Not-Romneys.

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