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Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


11/18/14 Live from Dallas! I’m in town to do the Dana Loesch show on The Blaze TV where I’ll be participating in a dramatic reading of possibly the weirdest interview ever – Jaden and Willow Smith’s interview about freezing time and “teenagery” stuff. We’ll break that mess down on the show tonight as well as […]

Tonight on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis


UPDATE: FTR LINE-UP HAS BEEN CANCELLED TONIGHT SO THE CREW CAN PRODUCE THE REDSTATE COVERAGE! SORRY! SEE  YOU NEXT WEEK!   11/4/14 Whatever shall we talk about? The difference between yams and sweet potatoes? Christian Bale’s decision to drop out of the new Steve Jobs biopic? Why my cat keeps peeing on blankets? Oh, I […]

Kira’s Quick Reference California Voter Guide – 2014


Dear California Readers: I get requests around election time to break down the California Voter Guide because no matter how “simple” they try to make it, these proposals and measures are often complicated and tricky. I have taken the liberty of “simplifying the simplification” for you. Please take note: this is a very GENERAL overview […]

Free Christ From Christmas


A Christmas poem I wrote years ago but the message holds true every year…all year. Merry Christmas! Free Christ From Christmas The other day on the radio, I heard it to be said, Christmas is when we stand Christ on His head. He amuses us with His season of gifts and good cheer, Then we […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


8/20/13  I’m in Washington D.C. visiting the Heritage Foundation so John Brodigan of FTR and Misfit Politics fills in on the Dark Side tonight. Brodigan will bring his unique brand of pop culture punditry and young conservative fire to the show. And probably booze. Tune in tonight at 10pmET on FTR Radio. Don’t forget, you […]

The Customer is Always Right…Except at Mozilla


I’ve been greatly concerned by Mozilla’s new “cookie clearinghouse” code that will be added to their latest Firefox update. The clearinghouse will automatically engage the 3rd cookie blocker on the browser, which could lead to a massive drop in revenue for internet-based businesses and change the flow of free information on the web. Mozilla knows […]

Young Men Stand Up for the Right to Live

counter cultured

Counter Cultured is one of my favorite culture blogs for young Americans. They aim to give an alternative voice to the “hook-up” culture and show America that there are many young people out there who don’t want to be a part of the exploitation they see every day in the media. CC is also staunchly […]

Mozilla’s “Privacy” Quandry and “Nanny” Response


I believe in privacy. In this digital age I treasure privacy but freely admit I have offered too much personal information online. It’s nearly unavoidable. In light of the recent NSA and IRS scandals I whole-heartedly believe we should continue to revisit the issue of what “privacy” really means in modern America. Mozilla’s proposed “cookie […]

Zimmerman Trial: Remembering What’s Important


My concerns surrounding the discussion of the Zimmerman trial. Let’s not forget the lives this involves.