Mozilla Firefox Could Limit Your Internet Freedom (and harm small businesses too)


I’ve been studying the issue of 3rd party cookies, what they are and how they related to the freedom of the internet. It’s not my usual subject, but it’s fascinating in the respect that I had no idea how much money the 3rd party cookie business model contributed to the economy each year, especially for […]

TX Abortion Debate: Is Wendy Davis a “Hero”?


The nation has been watching the heated debates on late term abortion in Texas recently and a lot of people have a lot of opinions. Wendy Davis is one of those people. She’s being hailed as a hero for supporting the right of a mother to abort her child after 20 weeks (that’s 5 months […]

Zimmerman Trial: Remembering What’s Important


My concerns surrounding the discussion of the Zimmerman trial. Let’s not forget the lives this involves.

Human Nature and Liberal Policy


My thoughts on human nature, how liberals get it wrong and how it affects our policy.

Obama’s Gun Control Package Speech – with Subtitles

gun control speech

Sometimes you need subtitles to help read between the lines of Obama’s speeches. Here is a helpful clip to aid you in understanding what Obama really meant during his speech on the defeat of gun control in the Senate.

New Video: Up or Down Vote on Rights Threatens Everyone


With the Senate set to perform an up or down vote on our Constitutional rights, every American should be concerned (especially black Americans). Here’s why:

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


3/24/13 Culture wars – should we ignore the political speech of celebrities or pay attention and counter? Also, how we view the role of government in society and news from the Junk Drawer. Join us tonight at 10pmEST/7pm Pacific on

Money, Tyranny and the Right to Bear Arms

Kira 2nd A part 2

This is Part II (if you will) of my stance on the Second Amendment, spurred by the recent news from Cyprus. Thankfully the most recent reports say that their government is backing off their proposition, but my argument still stands. Americans should keep a close eye on Cyprus and their own government.

Hey D.C: I Cut My Budget, It’s Your Turn!

Hey DC

I was angry. Every American should be angry right now. This is getting ridiculous.

Full Video of My Fireside Hangout with Obama


Here is the full video of my Google+Fireside Chat with President Obama. What’s really cool is that today his specific responses to my specific questions are all over the media. What’s not cool is that hardly any media are crediting me with asking the questions. I think it’s kind of cool to know that a […]