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  1. Anonymous; expect us says:

    Kira, the folks at CDNews have censored my being able to post there. Seems that opposing civil commentary, if too powerful in substance, will be muzzled in that conservative cocoon.

    I wanted to say that I appreciated your intelligence in suggesting in the comments that “maybe” #Occupy actually represented an organic populist movement. Yikes! In that I appreciated your having had courage to step away from the party line who are unable to imagine (or admit) a populist movement other than their own. It seems the rest of the cowards at CDNews have reason to be afraid of the #Occupy protest movement.

    #Occupy represents an opening for comparative analysis. Yikes! Analysis of the Tea Party movement from its billionaire-funded initial organizing roots to a “populist” movement now mostly co-opted back to represent “a division” of the Republican party. According to recent (AP) survey Tea Party popularity plummeted 18 point to new low of favorable: 28% and unfavorable: 46% immediately following the debt limit fight theater performance and credit rating debacle. (A rating which was of course still better than Congressional Republicans at 24% approve, 75% disapprove. but still the two-year all-time low.)

    A comparative analysis really is probably NOT good news for the Tea Party. While it’s messaging, in the beginning was anti-corporate too… (sort of, but not seriously)… the anti-corporate protest messaging/activity dried up the day following 2010 elections. The Tea Party dropped a big ball. (Unless the Koch’s point was to undermine or postpone a genuine anti-corporate populist rise up.) They left a gaping hole. It’s a hole into which most Americans (across the political spectrum, both sides) are still staring into. The Tea Party created some populist anti-corporate consciousness as a part of it’s recruitment phase but then abandoned it for the next anti-corporate start-up that came along. I certainly understand why Cantor and Paul try to characterize it as a mob through little sites like CDNews – as they trying to hold the Tea Party together.

    All I have to say is they got a long winter ahead of em… and it’s not #Occupy I’m referring to when I say that.

    • ProudBlackAmerican says:

      GOD bless you. Loved your “Apology” video!

    • Carol Bunn says:


    • Barry Stark says:

      You Go Girl! Just watched your appology, and it was SPOT ON! I’m a fan forever!

  2. Christopher Tetla says:

    I love love love your apology to Karzai….I saw it on facebook and it gave me chills,such truth…your amazing:)

    • Kerry Hooks says:

      Yes!!! I second that whole heartedly!! You should run for office – I would vote for you!! Now is the time to start – while you are young. Or just keep making these videos and help free people from the slavery of gov handouts and liberalism!! You are awesome!!!

    • miguel mayor says:

      from n who runs afghan
      The fact remains that for much of the country, “might makes right.” While the inauguration ceremony in November 2004 signaled the transitional government’s succession to a new government, many parts of the country are still outside the reach of the government. In these areas, local warlords continue to hold sway over the communities. An organized disarmament process, Demobilization, Disarmament, and Reintegration (DDR), has been underway to reduce the capabilities of armed militia forces and thus reduce the power of local warlords. The DDR program has boasted of progress since it was first implemented in late 2003. However, the program was too narrowly scoped, preventing it from reaching the heart of the problem. DDR has been limited to organized Afghan Militia Forces, which were independent militias nominally under the control of the Ministry of Defense. Private militias were not involved with this disarmament process. Thus, the most unaccountable and dangerous parts of the warlord system have not even begun any disarmament process. Additionally, the DDR process was largely focused on heavy weapons, but small arms, including rifles and light machine guns, were often left untouched. Anti-air implements, mortars, rockets, and heavy machine guns are more frequently seized in the disarmament process. Part of this is because of a “gun culture” in Afghanistan, where it is not only a pragmatic need to possess a weapon, but owning a firearm is also connected with an individual’s sense of independence, capability, and manhood. All of this creates an environment of potential violence that could be threatening for democratization, especially due to the connection of warlords to the narcotics problem.

      The tensions between democratization and warlordism are revealed in an e-mail I received from my young Afghan friend Murad in early 2007. Murad still lives and works in Afghanistan, in a small village

  3. mike kruger says:

    Love your apology to Karzai. Allahpundit from bummed me out by nixing your presidential run before it starts. He seems to think you might be constitutionally disqualified by the minimum age requirement. I say valid I.D. is overrated. Thanks, and keep up yhe good work!

  4. mike kruger says:


  5. ezpzvi says:

    Thank you for your ”apology” to Karzai. Way. To. Go!

  6. I echo other poster’s sentiment. Fantastic video, points taken.

    Very poignant, intelligent.

    Take care.

  7. Maureen Guichard says:

    You have put to words what so many of us think. Thanks so much!

  8. Jack Knight says:

    You have been blessed by god with a beatiful gift of speaking the words that many people feel.

    That apology was magical and I hope it spreads across this great Nation and touches everyone as it has touched me!

    I am proud to be a conservative and most of all, I am blessed to be an American beside fellow Americans like you.

    God Bless and keep the faith.

  9. deb budesa says:

    Ms. Davis: I commend your apology to President Karzai. I think’s it interesting that a citizen has a clearer understanding of the state of the world than our president does. I would support your run for any office! All the best.

  10. Geoff says:

    Your Karzai apology was outstanding, stumbled on it via Keep up the great work!

  11. elinor dilatush says:

    Dear Kira,
    You said everything I wanted to say when I heard that the President had apologized. I sent it on to many friends and our son put it up on his blog. Superior! When you run for office if I am still around I would love to spread your word as far as I could! Thank you Thank you Thank you! e.d.

  12. Theresa G. says:

    Absolutely love your apology! Shared it with all my friends on Facebook! Hope it has reached the White House! You verbalized what I have not been able to say due to the rage I have felt since reading about his latest apology!! Way to go, Kira!! Keep it up and God Bless!!!

  13. Pundit Pete says:

    Kira – Loved your apology. I am going to post it and promote you a bit at Pundit Pete, but I need a little more biographical info.

    Is your radio show the Dark Side aired on a local station(s), or only on the internet?

    How long have you been blogging and how long has Dark side been on the air.

    Would you accept, if asked, a position as Secretary of State or ambassador?

    Great job! you can email me directly if you like. God bless. – Peter Boddie

  14. j.joseph says:

    you are a gifted writer,and I applaud you for putting into words what millions of Americans think.
    I hope and pray that you continue to express your thoughts,as your thoughts are the same as Constitution loving people all over the Country.

    Best regards

  15. Kachonka says:

    Check out this Conservative group of African American Conservatives.
    Social Network of African American Conservatives & Moderates

    Main group

  16. Kachonka says:

    Woops. I didn’t check you were already on membership, sorry for the redundancy above…..

  17. Jack says:

    Your “apology” video is absolute bullshit.

  18. LeRoy J Morgan says:

    Great apology !!! exactly what most blue collar americans are thinking. I have just recently started listenly to you, sure glad i did. You should hook up with Angela Valles, a consevative latino running for congress in the 8th district. you two would make a helluva team.

  19. Bonnie Chevarella says:

    Hi Kira…Have only just heard about you and your comments…love them…especially your “apology.” I will continue to check your blog. I wonder if you would comment on, what has know become well-known and famous, or infamous, as Obama’s
    “crotch salute.” Maybe you already have, I don’t know. A picture of this “salute”
    has been circulating on the internet. I find it reprehensible….Love to hear your

  20. Terry says:

    Why aren’t you running for office? We need people who can articulate conservative ideas as well as you do. I would really love to see you shaking things up on the floor of the house or the senate.

  21. Finley Hilliard says:

    You are a brave and wonderful younf lady regarding your your apology to Karzai. Thanks for speaking up. I am so fed up with the apathy in America. I love you in Christ.

  22. Robert says:

    I just heard your apology along with a million other people! You are brilliant. Please run for president….now. I mean right now. Put down your coffee, set up a press conference, and announce. Please? Vice president? Just thought I would try. Anyway I loved your apology. Your voice echoes among millions of people that just don’t understand how we can be so lame and in the process let our men and women die for it. Lives lost for political correctness. Sacrifices, children without parents just to appease those that loathe us. Is there a single person reading this that honestly believes that in the event our troops were allowed to function as an army there would be no armed enemies left alive in Afganistan and many young soldiers, Americans, would be alive today? Why are our leaders so lame? They went right back to letting the politicians run the war and we promised our troops after Vietnam we wouldn’t do that again!!!!!!! We all promised them that we would let the warriors run future wars and we turned our backs on them, and let the politicians tie their hands again, and left them to die in the sand with their hands tied behind their backs and no one behind them to care. That’s who the last two presidents need to apologize to. Not Hamid Karzai. R

  23. Emanuel says:

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  25. Joseph Smith says:

    Saw a pin on Pinterest that quotes you as saying the Republican Party has done more for blacks than the Democrats ever dreamed of. Apparently you need to check your history. Perhaps you mistake modern Democrats for the Southern breed from generations ago. As you know, most of them have fled the Democratic Party and now are the standard bearers for the republicans. How sad that you turn your back on those united, to this day, to fight for the causes that benefit you; namely equality and justice. You are a disgrace.

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