Dear Janeane Garofalo: Not Again!

Well I see you’re at it again.  It wasn’t good enough for you to insult the intelligence of Black Americans by suggesting that those of us who hold conservative values are brainwashed.  It wasn’t enough for you to degrade our cognitive abilities by accusing SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas of suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because of his Tea Party affiliations.  Apparently your White Guilt has not yet been appeased.  You had to break out your white hood and cape one more time to come to the aid of poor, dumb Black folk everywhere.  The Caucasian Crusader to rescue! This time object of your rescue mission is Herman Cain. “But Herman Cain, I feel like, is being paid by somebody to be involved and to run for president so that you go, ‘Oh, they can’t be racist. It’s a black guy. It’s a black guy asking for Obama to be impeached’ or ‘It’s a black guy who is anti-Muslim,’ or ‘It’s a black guy who is a tea party guy,’” she continued. “I feel like, well wouldn’t that suit the purposes of whomever astroturfs these things, whether it be the Koch Brothers or ALEC or Grover Norquist or anything. It could even be Karl Rove. ‘Let’s get Herman Cain involved so it deflects the obvious racism of our Republican Party.’” Watch the Caucasian Crusader take down racists left and right! Her robe is full of specialized weapons and she’ll use them all: Koch Brothers! Norquist! KARL ROVE!  Sure, they may be a little dull and overused, but CC is not really known for her originality. Janeane, in my last letter to you I discussed how implicitly racist were your statements about SUPREME COURT JUSTICE Clarence Thomas and Black Americans in general.  Instead of having the grace to apologize you’ve doubled down on your rude assessment of Black intelligence.  It seems unfathomable to you that Herman Cain could be a Republican, and a Tea Party Republican at that, because he believes in the principles of smaller government and individual responsibility.  No, Black people must always remain on the Democrat plantation taking handouts from the government and surrendering our family structures and neighborhoods in the process.  If we dare attempt to escape, then we must be getting paid – to prove that the Tea Party isn’t racist, to prove that Republicans aren’t racist. Are you saying, Janeane Garofalo, that Herman Cain is cheat and a liar?  Are you really saying that Black people who hold conservative values are criminals, or at the very least dishonest?  Well how incredibly….racist of you! You want the rest of the white people at Current TV, a white owned and white-run “network”, to believe that Herman Cain is a shallow criminal.  The Herman Cain who was raised in segregated Georgia by working class parents (father had three jobs).  The Herman Cain who graduated from Morehouse College (that’s a BLACK school) with a degree in mathematics.  The Herman Cain who received a Master’s degree in computer science from Purdue University while working for the Navy.  The Herman Cain who went on to become the CEO (that’s a very important job in the non-Hollywood world, btw) of Godfather’s Pizza and the head of the National Restaurant Association.  The Herman Cain who sat on the board of the Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City.  Is that the Herman Cain you think is such an idiot he can’t think for himself or know if he’s being used?  Is that the Herman Cain you think is such a lapdog at “massa’s” feet that he’d accept money to run for President just to prove the GOP isn’t racist? Perhaps you think my father-in-law, Victor Davis is an idiot and a criminal too.  You see, he is also a Black man and a conservative.  He survived his mother’s attempt to abort him and was born into poverty in Michigan (a state).  He worked his way to college at the University of Iowa where he became a star tailback, later taking his talents to play for the Canadian Football League.  Victor went on to become a pastor in the inner city of Gary, IN, where he continues to serve a community that is a majority Black and that people like you would never set foot in.  He has provided food, shelter, jobs, clothes, schooling, support and counseling to countless people.  He has lobbied for improvements to his community and the condition of Black Americans in the inner city in general.  He established a low-cost, private school in the heart of the inner city to give frustrated Black parents a viable opportunity to remove their children from the dismal, dangerous Gary public school system.  You will not find a person in his congregation who has not been in his home for a meal.  You will not find a person who would characterize this man as a sellout (50 years in the ‘hood), an idiot, or a greedy liar.  Through his decades of community service he has endured gang and drug violence, watching loved ones succumb to the dangers of the ghetto and the tragic loss of two sons.  Yet through it all he has never wavered from his dedication to his God, his family or his community.  And he is a conservative.  Would you dare stand face-to-face with that man and say the horrible things about Black conservatives that you are all too comfortable saying Keith Olbermann?  I can arrange it if you think you could do it. How about Star Parker?  Maybe she’s a brainwashed, greedy shill too, no?  You know Star Parker – founder of the Coalition for Urban Renewal and Education.  She was a single mother living on welfare when she finally realized that Democrats had been running the inner cities of America for decades, and yet Black people continued to suffer from the most debilitating social diseases in the nation.  She went back to school, became an author, a consultant and a regular television commentator.  Is she a fool too, Janeane?  Perhaps you would like a sit-down with Ms. Parker as well, then you can tell her to her face why you think she is a sell out.  Again, I am willing to make all the arrangements, but somehow I don’t see you accepting the invitation. I could name so many more intelligent, amazing, educated Black Americans that are proud to call themselves conservatives.  They are people who have served and continue to serve their communities in real, discernable ways.  Please take a moment to enlighten yourself about those people.  Compare what you contribute to society against their contributions.  Then come back and apologize, because you are a bigot and your tired argument that Blacks are not allowed to think outside the tiny little box you’ve constructed for them is actually quite racist.  To echo Star Parker, its liberals like you, who use the Black community as a doormat for you to wipe your white guilt off, that have caused so much damage in our inner cities.  Your policies of dependence and the attitude (that you have so clearly illustrated for us) that Black people should not be allowed to stray from the plantation of liberal ideology have all but destroyed our families.  Enough is enough.  Take a look at yourself and the limits you have ascribed to Black Americans.  And have the decency to be ashamed.


  1. brad essex says:

    Oh yeah she a racist. She so smart cause she in hollywood and spend time with people who think they know better then us. Well her idealism made her a ugly person inside and out.

  2. Joseph Kyle says:

    Dear Kira–

    I just learned about you from Ron Miller, and I have to say that love this piece and everything you stand for. Keep on!

    PS Your daddy sounds amazing. God bless.

  3. God bless you. And God bless Hermain Cain, Star Parker, Allen West and others who have the courage to think for themselves and stand up for what they believe in the face of fierce opposition. I am white, but I faced big hurdles too, my father died when I was 15, my mother was mentally ill, and was hospitalized, I was passed around to different relatives and couldn’t finish high school. I am so thankful that God is bringing together all those who believe in liberty. Attempts to divide only seem to unite us more. It is people like you who are the heroes of the Tea Party. And you make me proud to be an American.

  4. Gary says:

    Ahhh, yes…Hollywood eleits…a group of people whose success rests on the fact NOt that they are intellignet or informed, but they are good at pretending to be someone other than themselves. And THEN only when someone else writes it down and TELLS them who to be.

    WHY do so many peple give these idiots so much credit?

  5. Gary says:

    Sorry…upset and typing fast. Apologize for the stupid spelling errors.

  6. These people may have a great fear of blacks. They work very hard to create a false face to show how much they love and “respect” the Negro, and will take care of the poor dears. Cain, Thomas, and anyone else not on the plantation, not buying into this bovine stool, are not fooled by them and are therefore uncontrollable by them. (And you know what uncontrolled blacks are like!)

    Of course, they show the same fear toward Republics, Tea Partiers, Clingers to guns and god, etc. They talk of the “politics of fear,” but their politics ARE their fears.

  7. Dan L says:

    Outstanding and Eloquent. Thank you.

  8. I watched the video and noticed that the so-called journalist Keith Ober-moron never even challenged her asinine accusation. He never even asked if she had proof. In my opinion that bit of journalistic omission should disqualify him from broadcasting and should settle for all time the debate about liberal media bias.

  9. IF we ignore her will she go away… again….

  10. Andre says:

    Great work. Glad you are on our side.

  11. You tell ‘em lady!! I love your guts, your glory and your intelligent counterattack against this liberal shrieking banshee!! A pseudo intelligent not unlike Michael Moore whose mouth has done more to pollute the environment than any manmade chemical toxin ever could!!!

  12. Pamela Mudd says:

    Once again, Garofalo is gonna end up with egg on her face.

  13. bour3 says:

    tap shoes, that’s a good one, I don’t know, really, what was the subject again? This thing is following me all around all over the place Google Facebook thumb up like Digg Subm in Share in following me following me following me following me following me following me following me following me following me. Like a big giant wart on the neck of the content I’m trying to read and I’m wondering WHY ARE YOU DOING THIS? but that following me following me following me following me following me was too much so I left.

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