DNC 2012: Day 3 – Kicked out of MSNBC

I headed down to MSNBC’s outdoor stage earlier today with my friends Brandon Darby, Lee Stranahan and Tabitha Hale. I had with me a crudely made sign: Black, Conservative and voting for Romney. We made our way toward the stage, but only after determining there was no show in progress. We did not want to interrupt a broadcast, only display the sign and gage the reactions of people. I pulled out the sign and held it above my head. I did not speak, I did not shout, I did not make a scene. Tabitha had just enough time to snap this picture before a security guard came and asked us to leave.

He said I was not allowed to have the sign there. I offered to put it away but the guard said that was not good enough. We had to leave. I offered to throw the sign in the trash but the guard said we had to leave because Tabitha had a camera. When we commented that everyone in the vicinity had a camera (it was the MSNBC outdoor stage!) he said he couldn’t take care of everyone at the same time. So even though we offered to comply with every request my friends and I were still escorted all the way off the property. Lee Stranahan captured it all and it’s been posted at Breitbart.com. He interviewed me directly after the altercation.

View Stranahan’s post on Breitbart here.

Twitchy.com also picked up the story

The Charlotte Observer interviewed me and Tabitha Hale as well

My video (which is choppy because they had asked me to turn off the camera. I lowered it but left it on)

We went back later escorted by a crew from the local Fox affiliate. We were asked to leave once more, but once we explained what happened the head of security and the property manager personally apologized and explained that no signs or professional video were allowed for any patrons. We didn’t totally buy the explanation but felt satisfied with the apology and were permitted to stay on the property. No response from MSNBC on why the only black woman holding a Romney sign was not welcome in their mecca of tolerance.


  1. Raymond says:

    Kira, I am extremely proud of the efforts you make on behalf of many people in this country who choose to let group-speak handle their thinking, as they play the game of racial identity politics. I am proud to call you a friend, and I will be praying for your success and protection.

  2. Candide43130 says:

    I’m sure you’ve been kicked out of better, much better. If not, it’s a shame that you started at the bottom of the heap.

  3. Tony says:

    Sounds to me like Kira Davis doesn’t respect private property rights until it suits her.

    • Sal Gomes says:

      The MSNBC location is in the middle of a shopping center which is a public area. I’d rather see a sign than a bunch of giant pu$$ies strolling around town.

    • Daniel says:

      You nailed it, Tony…that’s the issue right there! Personal Property Rights. You are a keen one, to recognize the true issue amid all the whining.
      To make it a personal property issue is (while exactly defensible) is the way of cowards. “I don’t have to confront the issue, I can escort them from my property instead”

    • Nick says:

      I think you’ve missed the point, Tony. Nobody is seeking legal action, only pointing out that an organization clearly singled her out for being a black conservative. She did nothing her to infringe on anyone’s property rights, and left when asked to. That doesn’t make the actions taken against her not racist.

    • Anonymous says:

      Daniel what are talking about? I’m afraid what you said makes no sense. How is having personal property being a coward? Are you saying you have no personal property and wouldn’t care or do anything if someone walking into your house because then you’d be a coward??
      Although yes Sal Gomes is right, if MSNBC is in a public location then anyone can walk by and nobody should care unless they’re causing a commotion. I do not agree with MSNBC in this case because there was no reason for them to escort her off the location. That was completely ridiculous and that guy is a moron for being so insistent; however, Kira Davis and her crew were all being confrontational and chiming in with snippy remarks every time he said something.
      Nick she did not peacefully leave or do anything, she was clearly seeking confrontation and being rude to the officer talking to her.

    • Willowspring says:

      Kira had every right to be there just like every other person. It is obvious they booted her because of her sign. That constitutes an attack on her free speech. The fact that others had cameras proved there was no basis for getting thrown out for her camera.

    • Nick says:

      I’m pretty sure that Daniel was being sarcastic.

  4. Armando says:

    Awesome Kira. Add me to list of boys who have your back.

  5. Christine Wilson says:

    Thanks for sticking up for all of us Kira! We appreciate you!!

  6. Shawn says:

    Problem is, you’re probably looking too clean and smelling too good to be a REAL protester. Nice try though.

  7. terri.wray@yahoo.com says:

    Just wanted to say that I admire you for what you did and what you said at the Democratic Convention. Also, I watched your apology to Karzai and it gave me a laugh. You Go girl!

  8. Amanda Belge says:

    You are very courageous to do that! Not many people would. Glad you are okay.

  9. Ht says:

    People’s Republic of Mecklenburg. this is why I live in SC where we only have one nut-job of a representative.

    Thanks for trying with the….I’ll be nice.

  10. Congratulations Kira! I think you may have discovered vital evidence that at least some men really are evolved from apes. That was a living fossil from the Neanderthal Valley you discovered there. Who knew they would be hanging around the MSNBC pavilion? Good find.

  11. Andrea says:

    Kira, Wow I am speechless. They truly have set a new low with their non-tolerance of really, everything now. I’m very proud of you & for the local Fox affiliate for coming to your aide. I check up on your site/You Tube/twitter daily & am quickly becoming a huge fan :)

  12. ColtAnaconda says:

    Being an attractive, right wing, intelligent, young lady, you were easily picked out from the throng of clowns that were obviously partaking in the dnc circus.

  13. Anita Drink says:

    Keep fighting the good fight, Kira!

  14. Marty says:

    Kira – Thanks for your effort and for exposing the truth about MNNBC and other media groups that try to promote that all people of any other color only vote for democrats. …. I want to share one of my favorite quotes for a great man…. “There is a class ?of people ?who make a business ?of keeping the troubles, ?the wrongs and the ?hardships of the certain groups of people ?before the public. ??Some of these people ?do not want the some folks ?to lose his grievances ?because they do not want ?to lose their jobs. ??There is a certain class ?of race-problem solvers ?who don’t want the patient ?to get well. ” Brooker T Washington (Certain words he used were modified because times have
    changed and those words are rightfully offensive today)

  15. BarcoHusseinObombaSr says:

    Kira and her friends need to get an appointment in the new Administrtion! When anyone (other than a fool) sees $5+ million in the RED in 3 1/2 years and 4 million for No Real Birth Certificate, born to an anti-American Atheist White Mother and an anti-Capitalist Muslim Negro Father, whose lived in and/or vacationed Muslim Pakistan, Muslim Kenya and Muslim Indonesia, used illegal drugs, had membership in a Gay Club, attended a God Cursing Church for 20 years, with all past records sealed, one doesn’t need to listen to any speeches nor watch any videos for or against and candidate, nor listen to any media pundants, just use God given common sense as a True American and VOTE!

  16. Jenn says:

    This just proves the left have zero tolerance for those that fall into line. Keep up the good work. Enjoyed reading your updates.

  17. elaine randle says:

    It’s so sad that most people just dont understand the democratic party of today is not that of our parents and grandparents..I “liked” on the facebook page of “African American Art” I love art that portrays the joys and struggles of blacks and I collect black folk art. To my horror this sight degraded anyone not voting democrat, when I politely gave my stated that their cimment about God considered Republcans ugly and not liking us was totally out of line, they deleted my post and prevented me from further commenting…like African American Art is just for democrats, I was outraged, but not surprised. Why has this party become so full of venom?

    • Nick says:

      Actually, it is the party it’s always been. The Democratic Party has a very dark history of racism that they try to pin on republicans. It was the democrats that supported slavery and wrote the Jim Crow laws. When the civil rights laws were being passed, 82% of democrats voted against it, while 98% of republicans voted for it. Although racism is not nearly what is used to be, democrats make it clear that they still have the lion’s share as they always have.

  18. Bill says:

    Typical PMSNBC, if you don’t agree with them you are the enemy. Can’t wait to see where they get to sit in the Press Pool when Obama gets kicked out of office. They might as well close the doors the will be in the back of the room…lol
    You Go Girl.

  19. Mike C says:

    Uh, Tony, MSNBC does not own the property. They were using space allotted to them just like ABC, CBS, CNN, and Fox. So it would have been a matter of “private property” only if the city complained…oh yeah…city property is actually owned by the tax payers.

  20. J Kemper says:

    I support you & your efforts. The last thing the LSM wants is to show on National Television is an Intelligent, good looking Conservative Black. I applaud you. I am appalled yet not surprised at all by PMSNBC’s actions. Keep up the good work!

  21. GGD says:

    Did anyone else hold up a sign?
    Were other signs being displayed at the time of this incident?
    Was anyone else asked to leave for holding up a sign during the course of the event?
    Was a no sign policy evenly enforced on all attendees?
    How many people were asked to leave and what is the breakdown by race, gender and political affiliation?

    If a claim of systematic discrimination is going to be leveled there has to be more than one isolated incident, based on the judgement and actions of a single security guard, to support it.
    This is a small incident of insignificant importance. More ‘grandstanding’ by the author than anything else.

    • Nick says:

      You should watch the video again. She offered to throw away the sign, but they kicked her out anyway, changing the issue to the camera, at which point she showed several people with cameras not being asked to leave. You’ve seriously missed the point here.

    • Nick says:

      It should also be mentioned that this is a network that cut off coverage every time a minority spoke at the RNC.

    • Gillian says:

      Someone please answer these questions that were asked, not seeing an answer on this thread:

      Did anyone else hold up a sign?
      Were other signs being displayed at the time of this incident?
      Was anyone else asked to leave for holding up a sign during the course of the event?
      Was a no sign policy evenly enforced on all attendees?
      How many people were asked to leave and what is the breakdown by race, gender and political affiliation?

  22. eddie quebral says:

    obama is a sore looser, he will do anything to ruin america he is a dictator peoples made a mistake gettin him in the w.h. now lets get him out so he can pout. he is not american listen up america dam bunch of hard headed.

  23. john says:

    I think it is funny that they bring up her and his color , he was just doing his job that someone told him to do and this shitbird just wants to start trouble. I am a black girl voting for an idoit, good for you, I am a white guy voting for Obama.

  24. Lee says:

    So Kira goes to a Democratic convention (with a FOX news crew) seeking a confrontation and is asked to leave. This was no mistake. Chris Matthews won’t interview her but Rush will.

    • Nick says:

      Did you happen to watch the RNC before making that comment? Rabid protestors dressed up like vaginas tried to block the door, and nobody got kicked out. And since when is it the media’s job to decide who can protest?

    • MJS4745 says:

      “So Kira goes to a Democratic convention (with a FOX news crew) seeking a confrontation and is asked to leave. This was no mistake. Chris Matthews won’t interview her but Rush will.”
      First of all, she did not go to the event with a FOX news crew until AFTER she was forced to leave. Second, I do not see defending ones rights to free speech as being “confrontational” as you put it. If you are going to make comments at least get your facts right.

  25. Anonymous says:

    You do realize that you told them what everyone tells cops, “why did you pull me over?? that guy’s speeding over there! so what if I was speeding??”

    • MJS4745 says:

      The problem with your analogy here is that a police officer pulling someone over for speeding is protecting the public. I’m no constitutional scholar but I think there is a contritutional right to protest, if you want to call what she was doing protesting which I don’t because all she was doing was expressing her right to free speech. Last time I checked her sign was not endangering lives or property and she was in a public place. So your comparison is completely off.

      Speeding = Criminal act and endangers lives
      Protesting = Constitutionally protected and completely legal

      See the differences?

  26. Kenneth T. Tellis says:

    Kira you chose the American way to express yourself and what you felt about politics. That is what democracy is all about. But for MSNBC to pan you for it, shows their utter contempt for the democratic process..

    Hurrah for KIRA DAVIS! She stands as an example of what democracy is all about.

  27. Bonny Kalb says:

    You Go Girl!!!!!!!!

  28. Kim Bruce says:

    Kira, bravo for standing up to these communists who seek to undermine and destroy the US, it’s Constitution and replace it with soemthing in the order of a National Socialist dictatorship.
    You are also further proof that Conservative women are more beautiful than Democrats.


    • Kenneth T. Tellis says:

      Remember that your liberties were paid for in blood by patriots of yore. So it is your bounden duty to defend it in a similar way. Your liberties were not given to you by a government, they are your very birthright.

      Keep up the good fight and you will have earned the respect of your fellow Americans.y

  29. Sam says:

    Are you single ? I would like to date you ! Your a Brave Great American !!!

  30. Larry Gillreath says:

    Kira, I am so proud and excited to see you showing up “MFNBC” for what they really are…left-wing fascist control freaks, who have built up a liberal fantasy political narrative of how things are in the US…and you went in and exposed the fantasy for the lie it is! Thank you so much for doing this. I will be eager to see what else you do in future. Have you thought of joining with the people at Project Veritas, to go in and expose liberal/leftist/Democrats for the lying hypocrites they are…and on video no less!? Might be fun! P.S. Despite this kerfuffle, Rachel Maddow will still probably want to exchange phone numbers with you!

  31. David Romneyhater says:

    They should have kicked yo stupid attention seeking dumb ass out.



    Oops, He won… Hold your Romney sign up now. LoL

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