Exclusive: Georgetown Allegedly Suspends Student for Refusing LGBT Training

Georgetown University is no stranger to scandals. In 2010 a meth lab was discovered in one of the student dorms and Sandra Fluke, a Georgetown law student drew major attention to the school when she appeared in a hearing to discuss birth control; specifically the Jesuit institution’s refusal to cover birth control under the student health care plan. Could yet another scandal be brewing?

Enter the Community Scholars Program at the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access. The CSP reaches out to disadvantaged youth and provides full scholarships and assistance for to GU. By all accounts it is a wonderful program that has great intentions and has helped many young people achieve their dream of attending college. Here is how they explain themselves at their website: The Community Scholars Program provides Georgetown students with the unique opportunity to thrive. Scholars are carefully selected during the admissions process based on their academic achievement, impressive co-curricular accomplishments, and commitment to the transformative power of education. They typically represent diverse racial and ethnic backgrounds, and are often first generation college students.

Scholars attend a five-week summer intensive on campus to prepare for the upcoming school year. .

Here is what is listed at the website as the course curriculum.

  • The summer residential component is constructed around two credit-bearing courses – Humanities and Writing 009, and a second Summer School course. The Humanities and Writing course is an intensive critical-reading and writing course taught by Georgetown faculty with graduate-student writing tutors. A second Summer Session course, chosen by each student’s academic dean, provides participants with an opportunity to get a head start on their credit hours before beginning their first semester. Courses include Theology, Philosophy, Government, and Math, depending on their school and intended course of study.
  • Scholars live in a residence hall along with Resident Advisors, who provide an extended orientation to life at Georgetown.
  • Continuation of Humanities and Writing 009 course into the Fall semester. This course counts as six (6) credits.
  • Fourth Hour Study Group for Core Courses – Led by former students who excelled in the course. Fourth hour support will be offered for Microeconomics, Chemistry and Calculus.
  • Freshman Year Support – This support includes mandatory attendance at College Readiness Seminar Series, meetings with the Academic Advisor, and various social events.
  • Ongoing Support – Ongoing activities throughout the remainder of a Scholar’s Georgetown career, including one-on-one meetings with the Academic Advisor; special faculty seminars; cultural and social outings; and community service opportunities.    

Sounds pretty basic. What is not included in this summary is one other workshop that students were required to attend as a part of the CSP. It was an LBGT “Sensitivity Training” course and apparently it was a requirement for students attending the program. According to multiple sources who wish to remain anonymous, although many students were uncomfortable about being forced to attend the training they were told they would face disciplinary action if they did not participate. One student who has yet to be officially named refused and was allegedly escorted off campus by Georgetown Campus Police. He was expelled from the summer program but there is a possibility he will still be eligible to attend regular classes in the fall.  And in case you were wondering if this is true, here is video taken at the actual workshop and slipped to us exclusively here at kiradavis.net. Also see Talitha McEachin’s reporting on this story for more info.



This story brings up all kinds of questions:

Is it really appropriate for a Jesuit institution to suspend any student based on their personal/religious beliefs?

Why is this program only a requirement for a program that it filled with minorities, but not for every incoming freshman? The young man in question was a minority and suspended for expressing his cultural discomfort with the course. Does this not beg the question: Is there a racial element to this?

Why LBGT training and not another type of “sensitivity” training as well?

It’s understandable that the University wants to offer workshops like this. It’s a part of modern life. But what seems inappropriate (and possibly illegal) is to eject a student altogether for their personal objections to a course that seemingly has nothing to do with academics. Is this the type of “tolerance” GU and the CSP are interested in teaching? Only certain views are acceptable and others will not be tolerated? This story is obviously still developing, but it raises some interesting and disturbing questions about one of the nation’s most distinguished institutions of learning.

Officials at Georgetown and the CSP could not be reached for comment at the time this post was published.

Stay tuned to kiradavis.net for updates and developments as they occur.

UPDATE: As I was writing I received this email statement from Jarrett Roby, the young man who was asked to leave the campus because of his refusal to attend the sensitivity training. It as is follows (some names have been removed for privacy concerns):

I’m just greatly saddened about the situation. Officially, the program directors will say I was dismissed from the program because I left 3 of the RAs feeling physically threatened. However I never mentioned anything remotely violent or did anything violent. Also I am confident that all of my peers would support the fact that I have never showed an ounce of violence and any such claims are flawed. The directors of the program who dismissed me said that their reasoning may not be fair, but they were not going to ask for a general consensus of me.
Considering this, I believe I was asked to leave the program because I took a conservative stand against a liberal ideology and liberal group of people who are in charge of the program. Every scholar apart of the program was signed up for an LGBTQ seminar for Monday (July 23). I decided this was a seminar I would not attend. I am a devout Christian so I have no animosity in my heart toward any man whether he is gay or straight. I am required to love all people and I try my best to do so. I have no problems with homosexuals because it is the natural and God given right to be with whom they want to be with (Freewill). I do not support Gay rights, but as a supporter of the US constitution I do tolerate them. 
Because I have an established view point on LGBTQ I did not think it was necessary for me to go to the seminar. I approached a RA privately with my appeal on Sunday and it was automatically shut down and I was told I could expect to be written up if I did not go to the seminar. I held my peace and persisted with the idea of not going. Later that night other students got wind that I was not planning on going to the seminar. I was automatically attacked and deemed “closed-minded” and “ignorant”. In the mist of this rising confrontation I began to speak up to try and explain to other scholars how I was not trying to be intolerant. During this discussion the same three RAs that decided that they felt physically threaten tried to stop the conversation and send everyone to their rooms before the established curfew. I once again spoke up in protest of the early curfew and with an appeal that everyone calms down and back off. As the intensity died down it was clear that the RAs had personal biases toward LGBTQ and were against anyone who spoke against it. I heard the RAs say negative things about me but I didn’t respond because once everything died down it was curfew and I did not want to turn a political debate into and emotional onslaught. 
The next day I was called in by the program directors and told my actions during the informal debate had reassured the RAs feeling of being threatened. I was told that there had been a meeting with the RA’s and it was decided that I could not stay because 3 RAs were scared for the safety. I believe a true injustice was done to me. I am not looking for revenge, but I am trying to help stop injustice. – Jarret Roby


  1. T Treacy says:

    Nobody ever accused Jesuits of being reasonable. Ask anyone who has attended a school managed by Jesuits. I strongly agree with Mr. Roby’s right to refuse attendance. If there is a “contract” associated with the scholarship involved, it should be plainly spelled out to prospects. Describing the discussion with the RA’s as an informal debate seems to be an inaccurate term for describing one side with a disciplinary club in their hands. Sounds more like Little Rock in reverse to me. I can only wonder (not to demean my dog) where the German Shepherds were.

    • Community Scholar says:

      I’d like to point out something important here. Did you get teh copyright to have this clip in your article? If you are so bent on having this removed scholar on suing the school, I should be able to sue you for displaying a video with me in it without my permission. Don’t be a hypocrite and also, get your facts right before inflating a story and turning it into something sickening. I agree that it was sad to see Jared go, but he was warned several times and in the end it was his own doing that sent him home.

  2. Phil says:

    I know I’m not the first to point this out, but I fail to see how a Jesuit institution can have such strict rules which are totally in conflict with its own principles. Is this just political correctness gone amuk?

    • Magdalene says:

      The Jesuits should be suppressed. They long ago, as a whole, lost their charism and have been a vehicle for dissention and heresy for decades. They are an ongong scandal and blight on the Church.

    • Jason says:

      I agree with Magdalene. The jesuits have gone so far astray that something should be done.

      At least an Apostolic Visitation to begin with, like what was done to the LCWR, to decide what is to be done with them and the universities they administer.

    • Steve says:

      So, Community Scholar, you are saying that Jarret should have just complied and sacrificed his principles because they “own” him during that period. Wow, I guess you would have made a great overseer back in the day. It does not do to have an “uppity colored” to speak back to his “massahs”.

      You protestation over copyright is moot, since it falls into the fair use category of investigative journalism. Your efforts for a suit would be tossed out for their triviality, since there was no effort to defame or misrepresent your opinions. That’s why newscasters can do interviews in open areas where passerby are taped and not require releases from them.

      BTW, I am Black myself, and try to avoid the divisive a-a lib classification, since I have never been to Africa and consider myself an American first and foremost.

    • Concerned Hoya says:

      In what way is it a sacrifice of his principles to attend a workshop? Watching the video makes it pretty clear that there was an open participatory discussion going on; wouldn’t it have been braver for Jarrett to go and defend his beliefs rather than trying to skip the meeting? How is a refusal to listen to opposing viewpoints somehow ‘standing up for’ your values?

      And no, the Scholars didn’t own Jarrett, but when you receive a conditional scholarship from a private university, you absolutely have to abide by the conditions of the scholarship; you can’t get an academic scholarship and fail your classes, you can’t get a football scholarship and not play football; why would you be able to get a Multicultural Equity and Access scholarship and not attend its workshops?

    • frank says:

      Jared had every right to stand up for what he believes in. Unfortunately, Georgetown has turned its back on its Christian roots. They should no longer be called Catholic. The Pope just recently ordered that the name ‘Catholic’ be struck from a Pontifical ‘Catholic’ University in Peru. Hopefully, they will soon do the same with Georgetown University, which is quickly becoming a mouthpiece for the social policies of the Obama administration. I believe William Peter Blatty, the director of the film “The Exorcist” is leading the charge to slam Georgetown University with a lawsuit for not implementing the guidelines set up by Pope John Paul II in “Ex Corde Ecclesia”, It clearly states that if a university does not accept and promote Church teaching, then they are no longer Catholic and should not be recognized as such.

  3. Community Scholar says:

    I find this post to be just as close minded and ignorant as Jarret Roby is. First of all, this entire thing has been blown completely out of proportion, and this coming from an actual community scholar. Jarret Roby was not removed from the program for refusing to attend the seminar, Jarret Roby was removed due to a series of disruptive events/actions which only culminated with the event in question. Contrary to what is stated, Jarret was part of a small minority of scholars opposed to the workshop. Furthermore, Jarret felt the need not only voice, emphasis on VOICE, his dissent, but to do so in an intimidating, vituperative manner. Jarret Roby was not a victim of any bias in favor of LGBT “sensitivity”, nor was he at risk or fearful of “indoctrinization”. Rather, Jarret Roby was a victim of his own rabid, and I do stress the term rabid, right wing ideology.
    You do not know Jarret, nor do you know what really occurred. But, as I said, this has been blown completely out of proportion. I could go on and on about this, but by this point ive lost interest. If you really want to report this story for what it is, you really ought to consider finding out the facts before creating a criticizing post. Maybe, just maybe, you might have something worth reporting and you won’t have the better part of the community scholars program giggling at you.

    P.S. I am not disadvantaged nor is anyone in this program. To regard us as such is to insult every single one of us, including, (gasp) Jarret Roby.

    • Kira Davis says:

      Jarret will be on my show tonight to discuss the incident if you would like to call in and rebut his story. I think listeners would like to hear more than one side. Stay tuned to this site for links to the broadcast later today. Show comes on at 10pm ET.

    • Mia says:

      close-minded and ignorant? That’s not a very “tolerant”thing to say is it?

    • mrs. m says:

      So you have no choice as a rabid, left wing ideologist but to expel him from the program.

    • Even Better Community Scholar says:

      I completely agree with my professional colleague here. When I was teaching at community colleges in Germany sixty-five years ago we demanded that our students take classes in sensitivity and rabid left-wing ideology. I believe that Jarret Roby got off easy, we killed off six million of our students that didn’t follow our belief system. Once the right-wingers started threatening my teaching career, I became a sub in Soviet Russia, which was a wonderful time. My hand-designed sensitivity program removed a full 18-million students from the rosters, a record for that time. It was only surpassed by my hand-designed program for Mao, where he and I worked hand-in-hand to remove a full 30 million people from the program.
      I have currently relocated to American where myself and other community scholars like the previous poster are working to remove the so-called “conservative” element from our schools. These types have always fought our eradication policies, where we fought so hard to keep our sensitivity programs on the left-wing track. Please, go to our main indoctrination center HuffPo and voice your support for our program!

    • Elizabeth D says:

      Georgetown is a Catholic university. Every student has a right to expect that homosexuality would be approached from a Catholic perspective of being clear about it being gravely disordered, as well as the respect and kindness that is owed to everyone because of their human dignity. This is not “conservative” it is the moral truth. Many people suffer because of unwanted same-sex attractions or difficulties with chastity. But it would be tyrannical to try to indoctrinate people to be accepting of displays of same sex behaviors or open talk about homosexual lifestyle (especially in a Catholic educational environment!), or to use the terminology preferred by the “gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender” movement instead of a Catholic vocabulary on this subject matter, or for instance to play along with it when two people of the same sex claim to be married.

  4. Jack the Bulldog says:

    No community scholar is unsupportive of Mr. Roby. Only an RA/RD would attack him.

    • WiseLatina2theright says:

      If that is the case, then why didnt any of you have the courage to publicly support Mr. Roby? The Scholars program leaders have just been called out for their extreme intolerance of christians and they have no shame in being bigots. The irony and hypocrisy of this situation obviously escapes the small minds of the leadership of the Scholars program.

    • frank says:

      Georgetown ceased to be a Catholic University long ago. Very sad.

  5. Concerned Hoya says:

    Alleging that the Community Scholars RAs would surreptitiously eject a student from the program because of ideological differences is ridiculous. The program always plays host to a variety of political stances, and the RAs, who are in the majority Community Scholars themselves, are aware of that. Moreover, Georgetown itself has a more active conservative community than most college campuses, and if all anti-LGBTQ students were sanctioned, you’d have more inflammatory blog posts to write than you could handle.

    These students had to attend a sensitivity seminar because the program is a part of the Center for Multicultural Equity and Access; CMEA wants to graduate new Hoyas who try to advance tolerance and inclusion within the Georgetown community regardless of their individual political stances.

    Moreover, if you for one moment reached out to the RAs in the program, you would know that the ‘informal discussion’ to which Jarrett refers was a heated altercation with vague threats of future plans and physical contact in play. It hurts everyone when you try to jump on a scandal without any context of events, conservatives and liberals both.

  6. WiseLatina2theright says:

    Georgetown University long ago forfeited their right to call themselves a Catholic institution, this is yet another example of homosexual activists spewing their bigotry and intolerance towards christians and catholics. The Pope just stripped a Peruvian university of the right to hold themselves out as a pontifical/cathoilic university for engaging and allowing organizations, faculty, staff and policies that run in direct contrabention to catholic doctrine and teaching. GU is not on the college visit list of any of my kids. Ave Maria University is a big yes!

  7. RonPaul says:

    The schools are liars, and the administration always cooks up these vague threats of feeling unsafe to justify any otherwise unreasonable disciplinary action. Unfortunately, the victim is going to sue and win. Unfortunate for GU that is.

  8. WhiteRabbit says:

    In the 1960’s “anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white countries to open their borders to non-white immigration. Then “anti-racists” forced ALL and ONLY white people to “integrate” or face? consequences for being a “naziwhowantstokill6millionjew­s.” Now these “anti-racists” are calculating that ALL and ONLY white children will become minorities and eventually EXTINCT. If “anti-racists” did this to ALL and ONLY black countries, it would be called genocide. “Anti-racist” is a codeword for anti-white

  9. Erika says:

    As a hardcore conservative, I wish to draw attention to the REAL issue in America. Since when did the liberal muppets start having any say in this country? Obviously our country is going down the drain if some fruity looking dolls can tell me what to eat. This is AMUR-EE-CAH. I am appalled.

  10. Black&Conservative says:

    @ConcernedConservative: First, I like the use of alliteration you have going there. Second, I agree that the liberal elite have a conspiracy against the truth. God will strike those Muppets DOWN and will show the liberals his wrath. For now, I shall support the conservative side by continuing to Eat Mor Chickin! I refuse to let my kids play with any muppet toys, its just a liberal ploy to corrupt young america.

  11. ConfusedHoya says:

    Wait…we have an LGQBT center???

  12. What Rocks says:

    When is the LAMESTREAM media going to wake up and realize that UNIVERSITIES and EDUCATION are driving us away from GOD. If you can’t learn it from the Bible, you shouldn’t learn it at ALL

  13. Mia says:

    Is this the same Georgetown that was trippin’ about providing birth control and their ‘religious beliefs’?

  14. SeaLion says:

    Remember, this is the same Georgetown University that accepted a $20 million gift from Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia – a vicious totalitarian Islamic state that routinely executes “LGBT”. Perhaps Georgetown’s ridiculous president John J. DeGioia, Jr., is the one who needs “sensitivity” training.

  15. AllWhiteNow says:

    You can thanks the jew controlled freemasons for the destruction of the Catholic Church.

  16. Christopher says:

    If he doesn’t have a problem with Gay men and woman, why the fuss.. Gays and Lesbians and transgender people deserve their recognition in society.. The abuse they go through growing up requires them to seek more help than their straight counterparts.. To be turned down by a therapist would be devastating and be more traumatic.. Being gay myself and getting therapy to help me deal with issues of being isolated and ridiculed because of my sexual orientation has helped me a lot.. there is a reason for this course requirement..

  17. Levi says:

    This is beyond ridiculous. Georgetown will be one place I caution EVERYONE I KNOW against (and I assure you, in my field of work, that’s a huge number). Why aren’t homosexuals getting “straight sensitivity training”? Put the batter on both sides of it or don’t put it on at all. This “sensitivity” is BS (and I don’t mean Bachelor’s Degree!) anyway. Gays who are secure of themselves and mature enough don’t need to be part of the WHINY gay crowd that cries foul everywhere to get their way (and that goes for ANY other group). The RA crud that was invented, well, what do you expect? They HAD to come up with something to trample Jarrett BECAUSE THEY KNEW WHAT THEY WERE DOING IS ILLEGAL!!!

    Jarrett Roby, I’m pretty sure I don’t speak just for myself when I say I’m with you. You should sue GU, for false allegations against you, emotional distress over the humiliation of being escorted out by campus police, violation of your civil rights, and the damages it caused to you not to be able to take the courses at the time you had already planned.

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