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I read an article today about the “gender-equity” struggle and the horror of marketing pink things to girls and trucks to boys. It seems Lego recently bowed to pressure from feminist groups for the release of it’s ‘Friends’ line of Legos. The ‘Friends’ line is Lego’s attempt to reach out more specifically to girls by creating a line of blocks using “girl” colors like pinks and purples and featuring toy girls who do things like water their gardens and feeding their pink-bowed dogs. Feminist activists freaked out saying they were sick of “gender-binary marketing” (huh?) and oppressive, archaic stereotypes being forced onto young girls.

 Oh, did I tell you this article was in a women’s magazine called…wait for it…wait for it…BUST! It gets better, because as I did some more research into the mag. I realized it really wan’t just another trashy fashion rag; it’s actually a trashy “feminist” rag, and the title is supposed to be ironic or something. But these gals obviously have no real sense of irony, or they probably wouldn’t be posting stories like “Making Vegan Chilli” and “A frank Look at the Lives of Transgender Children” as well as regular “RuPaul’s Drag Race” recaps. Sensing a theme here? By the way, kudos to them for being gutsy enough to write about acid attacks in Afghanistan on young women in the name of Islam – not many folks are doing that these days; but is a line of pink Legos really the issue to take up in the name of “feminism”?

 This feminazi crapola is really getting my tampons in a wad. What perhaps started with a fight for equality – such as voting rights and pay grades- has turned into an angry, gender-neutral war led by women generals with butch hair-cuts and hairy legs. They scream at men for daring to think women are beautiful, and fulfilling their natural urges to provide for and lead their families; then they scream at men for being ignorant dolts who can’t make decisions and don’t treat us with “respect”. They want our dudes to be strong enough to stand up for us when others insult or mistreat us (war on women ) but when they do stand up they are being oppressive and flaunting their gender!

 Men and women are not the same. It’s better that way. These feminazis preach diversity and then puke all over it when it comes to gender. There’s power in being a woman; in knowing how we are different from men and using those differences to make good lives for ourselves and our families. The irony is that by insisting we erase all differences between genders they have stripped girls of their natural, biological power and replaced it with snarling, screaming and pant-suits.

 We are frugal (read: cheap) in our house. When our daughter was born she got a lot of hand-me-downs from our son. We had no problems dressing her in blue pants and giving her his old trucks if it saved us a few bucks. I have also always had a natural aversion to the color pink, and swore I would never encourage my daughter to get into the girly stuff. Guess what? It happened anyway. Before you can say “Gender marketing disparities” she was asking me for Disney Princess dolls and pink fru-fru dresses. Girls gravitate to pretty things. Not all, but most. It’s in the DNA. The feminazis at rags like BUST want us to go against our very nature in order to appease their outdated fantasies of womanhood. That seems the very opposite of liberating. Toy manufacturers don’t throw products out willy-nilly. They do excruciating and extensive research before ever bringing a product to market. If their research shows there is a hole in the market that they can fill and profit from, what is sexist about that? What, there are no women working for Lego who will benefit from higher profits? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. Exercise your right to choose and let me do the same. If you want to dress your boy in pink and let him push baby-doll carriages around the playground, it’s your right. And if other boys at that playground tease him mercilessly and don’t want to be seen around his tea party set, don’t blame me. I teach my kids to be exactly who they are and take pride in their own tastes and expressions. They are not social engineering products, they’re my children.

 I think being a chick is cool with lots of cool accessories to enhance my chickdom- pumps, Prada, make-up, dresses, guys holding doors open and letting you go in front of them in line…it’s all so cool! Quit trying to ruin it for us!



  1. Kira you rock! I love this & you hit the nail on the head. Liberals keep coming up with these fake issues/offenses, to keep our eyes off of the prize. Great job!

  2. Kim Michaud says:

    I am a mom of four grown children, 2 boys and 2 girls. The two girls are in the middle, so they got a chance to play with all their older brother’s toys. What was fascinating was that when they played with the cars and the trucks instead of making motor sounds, they had them talk to each other. Anyone who says there are not unique feminine and masculine perspectives is existing in another dimension.

  3. Tox Qwaste says:

    It is refreshing to read articles like this from women who embrace their real natures and reject the lies of the modern feminist movement. We as a nation need more of you ladies to become more vocal in exposing this very toxic, anti-male, anti-family, anti-(real)feminine ideology. Feminizm does not want equality. They continue to potray women as victims of male oppression while at the same time claiming the power and supremacy of the female gender. Feminizm is a philosophy of hate and must be called-out on what it really is and rejected before more dammage is done. These monsters have recently recruited my young niece at college and are filling her head with their BS. I’m trying to convince her of the realities of this evil idealism but I fear failure. We need more women to step up and address the lies of feminizm and stop this disease. Please help.

  4. Judy Capistrant says:

    I was a “tom boy” as a kid, but grew up loving pretty things… pink legos sounds like a wonderful idea! Our “girly ” grandgirls would LOVE them, and they could do things, along with their brothers. Silly women! Guess they think there is NO difference between men and women… whoa, are they missing the point : ) I do still love to shoot, both guns and bows, and love the outdoors: camping, walking and the like… that is part of BOTH genders, really. Viva la difference !!

  5. Kira,
    As an evil and oppressing man I have to say thank you for the post, My wife and I have one child – our daughter, 9yo Sydney. We try our best to teach her be proud of who she is and what she has to offer the world as a thoughtful, kind, self-respecting person. She’s a Brownie with BGIFC (we live overseas) and loves it every bit as much as she loves crushing the rest of the pool at a swim meet. We’re also both huge Lego fans and ordered several of the Friends sets as soon as they were available for the alternate colors available. I built a beauty shop for our city – Sydney built a pink space ship for our agents to use in their on going fight against the bad guys – go figure. Lego bricks are bricks, kids are kids, and the nut bags of the world should feel free to keep to their ideologies off both. Thanks again for your insight and know I’m adding you to my “must read more often” list.

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