Free (Liberal) Press Gets Private WH Meeting

Mediate is reporting that yesterday hosts from MSNBC were welcomed to the White House for a private meeting with the President. From Mediate:

——-On Tuesday afternoon, four of MSNBC’s primetime hosts were seen entering the West Wing for a meeting with President Obama.

The network’s 8 p.m. host Ed Schultz tweeted out that the group was meeting with the president to discuss the impending “fiscal cliff”:—— (Click here for the complete story from Mediaite)

Later in the day it was reported that writers for the Huffington Post, the Washington Post, and the Daily Kos were also included in the meeting.

Isn’t that so kind from President who hates holding press conferences; to just hold a private press conference instead? With influential members of the liberal media, at that? But don’t worry folks, MSNBC et al are totally objective news outlets. Completely.

A private press conference seems to negate the whole point of the “freedom of the press”, thus negating their reliability to be objective. It is official – our press is no longer free. They have willingly muzzled themselves at the expense of their duty to the American people.


  1. That is amazing Kira. No possibility of the media showing bias there, huh? What if a Republican President had such a meeting with only conservative talk radio personalities or Fox News contributors. What would the people on the political left say?

  2. Morpheus says:

    Kira, this would be a halfway viable outrage….but you forgot two important points:

    1) MSNBC has embraced their left-leaning identity multiple times in the past. They do not claim to be an objective, center news organization. Furthermore, just because you lean to one side or the other doesn’t mean you can’t tell the truth.

    2) Conservative radio hosts, including Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity, met with George W. Bush in 2006 at the White House to discuss the war in Iraq & immigration proposals. Still think Fox “News” is fair and balanced as they continually claim to be ad nauseam?

  3. mark says:

    The difference is liberals wouldn’t know the truth if it fell on them. MSNBC is the biggest joke of any so-called ‘news’ station.Any network that would give that race-pimp Sharpton air-time is seriously demented.He is a racist.Jesse Jackson,Farrakhan,Whoopi Goldberg? Racists!

    • Morpheus says:

      “Any network that would give that race-pimp Sharpton air-time is seriously demented.”

      And a network that would employ Sean Hannity, Megyn Kelly, Brian Kilmeade or Bill O’Reilly operates in the pinnacle of rationality?

      “Jesse Jackson,Farrakhan,Whoopi Goldberg?”

      Congratulations on naming three people that are NOT hosts on MSNBC.

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