Full Video of My Fireside Hangout with Obama

Here is the full video of my Google+Fireside Chat with President Obama. What’s really cool is that today his specific responses to my specific questions are all over the media. What’s not cool is that hardly any media are crediting me with asking the questions. I think it’s kind of cool to know that a lil’ ol’ housewife like myself managed to ask a question the mainstream media has been running from for some time now. But anyway, you and I know what happened. If you didn’t get to see the full video, here it is. Stick around to the end (or fast forward if you just can’t take that much Obama time) to see a special request from me to the President.


  1. Andy says:

    Pretty selfish Starbucks question. If you can afford a Starbucks coffee, you shouldn’t be whining about someone else earning a wage barely above the poverty line. Like most conservatives, you sound privileged and selfish.

  2. Andy. You sound like someone who wants to have your cake and eat it too.

    At the end of the day. Is it a business. If you increase the costs on BUSINESS, they will (in turn) pass that cost on to consumers.

  3. Gaye Harrison says:

    Kira – how much did the NRA pay you to be a spokesperson? Your video on gun “control” is irresponsible. Think for yourself. Grow up. The gov’ment ain’t comin’ for you. Sophomoric, pandering, but hey, maybe you made some money so that’s good! See Pres. Obama’s jobs plan is working! HA HA!!

    • Fred says:

      Gaye, how much did the Democratic convention pay you?

      Do you not know the threat of crime as well as the government? The much higher violent crime against blacks?

      Perhaps it is you that needs to grow up – and at least see that others do have the right to their opinions. The right to speak out. The right to self defense.

  4. Billie says:

    I thought you did great Kira!! I appreciate your efforts but as much as you were correct he only skirted around everything you asked. His comment about Benghazi was telling when he mentioned it being only an issue for the campaign – right, lie during the campaign about some silly “repulsive, disgusting, vile” video and then after re-elected pretend that wasn’t the narrative and everyone knew all along the video had nothing at all to do with it. My follow up would have been, “why would you not insist on following up after knowing what the prior emails made mention of with security; why sit and wait for seven hours and the entire night to play out before even following up with anyone – if in fact you did What if this fight went on for days – would anything have been done then? Why then (if all questions have been asked) have we not heard a peep from the survivors of these attacks?” – Not sure you would have been given the opportunity to ask these things but – I think they are what is on my mind about it

  5. Jeff Cooper says:

    Listening to the President, you hear the mantra: One Solution For Fifty States. While Obama acknowledges the differences between states, he holds that Washington has the answer to the woes of the country as a whole. His solutions ignore the rights of the individual while promoting the “benefits” to society first.

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