Hey D.C: I Cut My Budget, It’s Your Turn!

I was angry. Every American should be angry right now. This is getting ridiculous.


  1. Molly says:

    Way to say it like it is Kira!

  2. Ike Eilers says:

    Go Girl… Tell it like it is, all these elected officials care about is their next election and salaries, they really could give a rats A$$ about the future of the county or the consequence of their corrupted polices and decisions, if they did they would not be sending like there is no tomorrow and get their act together. All I hear from Obama is Gun Control, Gay rights for marriage, abortion and planned parenthood, everyone has a right to this and that, how bad the republicans are and they are the reason for all our troubles….all BS on top of BS…. I am sick and tired of the whole dysfunctional system and mess in Washington….. What has Obama done for the working class, raised our taxes to redistribute and leave us to cut our household budgets to fund more Government….. Sick and tired from California

  3. Raybury says:

    I like the rant. Just a quibble: The thing about tax brackets is they are not only “progressive” but also marginal. That is, moving into a higher tax bracket doesn’t cost you more on the money that falls into a lower bracket, just the marginal amount in the new bracket. Earning another $100 will never cost you more taxes on a previous $100. A single person who earns $1 million per year pays the same amount of tax on their first $10,000 that I do, and you and your husband pay the same tax on your first $10,000 that Bill and Melinda Gates do.

  4. Roscoe BROWN says:

    hello My Name is Roscoe Brown I am Retired From The U.S.
    ARMY. I am a Black Conservative since 1992. you are a breath of fresh air. Keep Up the good work. I am a member of
    project 21 please go to 2011 press release and look for my editorial ” LIBYA OBAMA’S QUAGMIRE” GOD BLESS YOU

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