Obama’s Favorite Republican Must Go!


Who needs a Democrat when you’ve got a liberal Republican by the name of Dick Lugar as Obama’s useful idiot?  Hoosiers, we need to send a powerful message to the progressive establishment and to Washington, DC by voting out “Obama’s Favorite Republican” on Tuesday, May 8th, 2012. Just by looking at Senator Lugar’s voting record/stance, you can easily see why he’s earned his RINO title:

  • Voted “Yes” to allow Social Security benefits for illegal aliens – February 18, 2006, S.2611, Roll Call 130
  • Supported Obama’s DREAM Act (illegal alien amnesty bill) – December 18, 2010, HR5281
  • Voted “Yes” to continue taxpayer funded abortions – October 18, 2007, S.Amdt 3330 Roll Call 379
  • Voted “Yes” for corporate welfare/Auto bailout – December 11, 2008, HR 7005 Roll Call 215
  • Voted to confirm liberal justice Elena Kagen – Vote 262, 8/6/2009
  • Voted to confirm liberal justice Sonya Sotomayor – Vote 229, 8/5/2010
  • Voted “No” to restoring 2nd Amendment rights to citizens of District of Columbia – February 26, 2009, S.160, Roll Call 206
  • Refused to join the Republican Senatorial fight against Obamacare
  • Authored an article that supports raising gas prices via taxation (you might want to read this one again……slowly)
  • Voted “Yes” for more corporate welfare/Wall Street bailout (TARP) – October 8, 2008, HR1424

Fortunately we have candidate Richard Mourdock as the Conservative alternative. Unlike Senator Lugar, Murdock opposed the auto bailouts and actually resides in the state of Indiana.  He stands for a simplified tax code and is against deficit spending.  As a former a coal executive he has first hand knowledge of energy issues and the free market.  As Indiana’s State Treasurer he has shown a thorough understanding of economics.  Last but not least, Mr. Murdock is a pro-2nd Amendment Conservative.  His bold stance on the issues has even earned endorsements from political heavy-hitters such as Sarah Palin, Forbes and others.

Let’s remember that the 2012 Senatorial races are just as important as the POTUS run.  Let’s run this liberal (Sen. Lugar) out of the Republican Party! Conservatives unite!



  1. T Allen says:

    Why is that old fool still in office in Indiana???

  2. He won’t be for long if we do our part. His record is dangerous and Conservatives need not to turn a blind eye to the upcoming Senatorial 2012 races. It’s just as important as the POTUS run.

  3. LOVE it Takia! Keep it coming :) smh especially @ the Dream Act & SS payments for IA…

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