Live Free or Die-Either Way, Vote: O’Keefe Uncovers Voter Fraud in New Hampshire


A few days ago I authored a post about the insanity of the Department of Justice and the NAACP as they prepared to bring suit against South Carolina in protest of recent voter i.d. laws enacted there.  South Carolina officials feel requiring citizens to present identification at the polls would cut down on voter fraud.  […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis…1/10/12

tired puppy

Tonight on the Dark Side: New Hampshire primaries are finally here! Can’t you smell the excitement in the air? No? Maybe its just the smell of fatigue and despair then. Anyway, we’ll break down the primary results, talk about what happens going into South Carolina and I’ll open my Junk Drawer – that’s where I […]

‘The Firm’ Firmly Sucks


The new law thriller “The Firm” debuted on NBC last night and I must admit I was looking forward to it.  The nineties was the decade that John Grisham built in the entertainment industry.  Grisham books were being digested by the general reading population at a voracious pace and Hollywood was producing scripts based on […]

Tonight on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis 1/8/12…Debate Madness!


January 8, 2012: Tonight on the Dark Side – Debate mania! Do you love debates? Do you love horrible debates? Do you love getting up at the crack of dawn for debates? Do you wish there were more debates, forever and ever? Than you will LOVE tonight’s Dark Side because it is Debate Sunday! We’ll […]

NBC is Run by Heathens: GOP Sunday Morning Debate Recap


Two Republican debates within 12 hours of each other are enough to make even the biggest political junkie fatigued.  Sunday morning saw the follow up to the Saturday night ABC debate (Worst. Debate. Ever.) hosted by NBC and Facebook and moderated by David “Why are all Republicans racist, capitalist pigs” Gregory.  Apparently the heathens at […]

ABC New Hampshire GOP Debate: Worst. Debate. Ever.


Saturday night’s Republican debate has to go down as one of the worst debates of the year, and maybe even in history.  It was hosted on ABC and moderated by Diane Sawyer, George Stephanopolous and some other dude who disappeared half way through; there was some question as to whether or not Diane Sawyer was […]

Janurary 7th 9pm ABC/Yahoo! News Republican Debate


via January 7th 9pm ABC/Yahoo! News Republican Debate By R. Mitchell on Jan 07, 2012 in 2012 Election News, Politics Tonight at 9pm Easterm, ABC, Yahoo! News and WMUR are teaming up to produce the first of two New Hampshire GOP debates this weekend. With Mitt Romney leading heavily in New Hampshire polls, he […]

Voter I.D. Madness & Minority Victimization


I’ve probably known thousands, maybe tens of thousands of Black Americans over the years.  Some are my family, some are friends, many I’ve shared a community with, and some I’ve served.  I have never met one Black person who doesn’t have some form of identification, be it a birth certificate, driver’s licence or state non-driver […]



True dat! That is all.

…from inside the Santorum campaign


Friends, As some of you may know, I am a State Co-Chairman for Rick Santorum’s NH campaign (1 of 3). As a senior member of his campaign staff, this past Tuesday evening for the Iowa Caucuses, I was tasked with handling much of the media, along with one of my fellow NH Co-chairs, Bill Cahill, […]