Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis 1/17/12


Tonight on the Dark Side we’ll discuss the South Carolina debate and primary with John Hawkins of We’ll also talk about Breitbart editor Dana Loesch and her recent “scandal”…its amazing how “tolerant” and “reasonable” the crazies on the left can be toward women. Its also amazing how many times I can use quotes in […]

S.C. GOP Debate Recap: No Huntsman and Not-Romney’s


Monday night in Myrtle Beach, SC marked the 139th GOP debate in this election cycle. Well, perhaps that number is a bit high, but its close! With the number of debates ticking up month by month, there is virtually nothing new for the candidates to reveal about their platforms or positions.  South Carolina was not […]

Listen to Sunday’s Dark Side with Kira Davis Here


If you missed the Dark Side on 1/15 then you should feel very sad! It was a great show. We talked with Alfonzo Rachael about his new audiobook “Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction” and the new documentary “Runaway Slave”. Also, hear why I think we’re raising a generation of entitled wimps. Listen here! And don’t forget […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis… 1/15/12


Tonight on the Dark Side we’ll talk about the new documentary “Runaway Slave” and Alfonzo Rachael stops by to discuss his new audio book “Weapon of A.S.S. Destruction”. Plus I’ll make my totally accurate predictions for the week ahead in news. Join the Dark Side tonight at 10pm EST, 7pm Pacific on Blogtalk Radio and […]

I’ll Stick To My Guns….

A gun a day, keeps the criminals away...

This presidency of Barack Obama has ignited a never-before-seen fire in the hearts of many dormant conservatives. There have been loads of issues that have arisen and been debated, based on this President’s lack of leadership and dangerous ideologies. Conservatives have fought diligently to balance, control, and ultimately remove authoritarian powers in the Executive and […]

Live Free or Die-Either Way, Vote: O’Keefe Uncovers Voter Fraud in New Hampshire


A few days ago I authored a post about the insanity of the Department of Justice and the NAACP as they prepared to bring suit against South Carolina in protest of recent voter i.d. laws enacted there.  South Carolina officials feel requiring citizens to present identification at the polls would cut down on voter fraud.  […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis…1/10/12

tired puppy

Tonight on the Dark Side: New Hampshire primaries are finally here! Can’t you smell the excitement in the air? No? Maybe its just the smell of fatigue and despair then. Anyway, we’ll break down the primary results, talk about what happens going into South Carolina and I’ll open my Junk Drawer – that’s where I […]

‘The Firm’ Firmly Sucks


The new law thriller “The Firm” debuted on NBC last night and I must admit I was looking forward to it.  The nineties was the decade that John Grisham built in the entertainment industry.  Grisham books were being digested by the general reading population at a voracious pace and Hollywood was producing scripts based on […]

Tonight on the Dark Side w/Kira Davis 1/8/12…Debate Madness!


January 8, 2012: Tonight on the Dark Side – Debate mania! Do you love debates? Do you love horrible debates? Do you love getting up at the crack of dawn for debates? Do you wish there were more debates, forever and ever? Than you will LOVE tonight’s Dark Side because it is Debate Sunday! We’ll […]

NBC is Run by Heathens: GOP Sunday Morning Debate Recap


Two Republican debates within 12 hours of each other are enough to make even the biggest political junkie fatigued.  Sunday morning saw the follow up to the Saturday night ABC debate (Worst. Debate. Ever.) hosted by NBC and Facebook and moderated by David “Why are all Republicans racist, capitalist pigs” Gregory.  Apparently the heathens at […]