KiraDavis.Net Contributor Makes the NYTimes!…Sorta


Our humble little blog has finally made the bigtime!  Contributor Daniel Tamburello found himself on the front page of the New York Times today.  Well, they weren’t really taking a picture of him.  They were angling for a picture of someone slightly more interesting for the moment (sorry Daniel), new GOP front-runner Rick Santorum.  You […]

Takia Talk – Minimum Wage


The minimum wage should be $20 per hour & college should be free.  Weeee!

Game On! Santorum’s Iowa Speech.


Here is Santorum’s “victory” speech from the Iowa Caucuses after he surprised everyone Tuesday night and narrowly missed a win by 8 votes, behind Mitt Romney.

Santorum Surge: Should We All Start Investing in Sweater Vests?


I never in my life would have thought I’d be describing the Iowa caucuses as exciting.  Hell, I can’t even say the word “caucus” without having to suppress immature fits of giggles.  It’s just such a funny word.  I have never really taken the Iowa caucuses as seriously as Iowans themselves do.  After all it’s […]

BREAKING: Bachmann Suspends Presidential Campaign


Michelle Bachmann officially suspended her campaign Wednesday morning after a disappointing finish in the Iowa caucuses. The Iowa native and congresswoman from Minnesota finished in last place in Iowa Tuesday night with only 5% of the votes tallied. Bachmann spoke extensively of her faith in God and her conviction that the President’s “socialist policies” are […]

Iowa Nice


Iowa public television’s Scott Siepker sets the record straight on Iowans. Enjoy!  

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


January 3, 2012 – Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis we’ll talk Iowa caucuses and Santorum’s surge, plus Newt’s slide.  Also, Happy New Year! Its 2012,, the year it all ends according the the “History” Channel’s version of the Mayan predictions. How are you preparing for the end of the world? Join us […]

Washington Crackheads and the Root of all Evil


This week I had the privilege of finally catching up on Season 3 of the cable drama “Damages”, starring Glen Close.  This is not a review. I highly recommend this dark legal thriller and now Season 1 is available on Netflix. You won’t be disappointed.  However, as I said previously this is not a review.  […]

Ujima – Third Principle of Kwanzaa (Part 4 in Kwanzaa Series)


Principle #3 – Ujima Today is the third day of Kwanzaa and marks Part 4 in my ongoing Kwanzaa series.  You can read Part 1 here, Part 2 here and Part 3 here.  As I have already established, I believe Kwanzaa is antithetical to traditional American values.  Moreover I believe Kwanzaa’s creator, Dr. Ron Karenga […]

Listen to Tuesday’s Dark Side Show Here

Kira Davis

Miss me on the Dark Side Tuesday night? No problem. You can replay the whole thing here.  I gave my thoughts on America and the value of family to the health of this country.  I also discussed Kwanzaa and why I think it is antithetical to American values. Oh yeah, I went there! And we […]