Reason #9 to Support Kira Davis: Epic Photobomber

Blogger Duane Lester, Senator Ted Cruz and surprise guest Kira Davis

Continuing my annual fundraising campaign with 10 Reasons to support Kira Davis  here is reason #9 to consider a small donation to keep me up and running as a leading grassroots voice: This epic photobomb. I mean, come on! That was taken at CPAC, a trip made possible by my loyal supporters. If you would […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


10/29/13  Media is shocked to discover Obamacare sucks. Perhaps someone in the new media will tell them Elvis is dead too. Join me tonight at 10pmET/7pm Pacific on You can also listen live from your mobile device by searching “FTR Radio” in your Shoutcast or Tune-in Radio app. *Note: The Dark Side will be […]

Reason #8 to Support Kira Davis: Hacked!


Wow! My website was hacked and I’ve been unable to post anything for over a week now. Anyway, we’re back and this is another reason why bloggers need income. The more popular you are the more vulnerable you are to cyber attacks. I hope you’ll consider a small donation to help me continue my mission. […]

Reason #7 to Support Kira Davis – Toure Needs Me


10/18/13 I’m 28% to my fundraising goal with just 3 days left. Here is reason #7 to consider supporting me and helping me make the upgrades and repairs I need to keep blogging – Touré needs me. We’re all familiar with the outlandish and divisive things pundits like Touré make on a daily basis. Sometimes […]

Reason #6 to Support Kira Davis – I Smash MSM Narratives

Hannity panel

Day 6 of my annual fundraising campaign and I’m at 26% of my goal. Over the 10 day period of this fundraiser I’m offering reasons for my readers and supporters to contribute to my efforts. Here is #6.   I get opportunities to smash the mainstream narrative by appearing with other fantastic conservatives from around […]

Reason #5 to Support Blogger Kira Davis: I Get Results

smart girl

I’m halfway through my annual fundraising campaign and at 20% of my goal. Thanks to all who have donated to and/or shared my campaign so far. Here is reason #5 to support my blogging efforts: I get results. In August I spoke at the Smart Girl Summit in Indianapolis, where I publicly shamed the GOP  for […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

give up cat

10/15/13 Republicans caving? We may have a deal by the time we go to air. At the moment it looks like another case of GOP cave-in. We’ll talk about what it all means and what we need to do next. Join us tonight at 10pmET/7pmPacific on FTR Radio. Don’t forget you can stream the show […]

Seeking Help to Continue the Mission

kira 2664

It’s that time of year again for Mrs. Kira Davis. The time most bloggers cringe about. FUNDRAISING TIME! As most of my readers and supporters probably already know, political blogging and reporting for the new media is an endeavor that requires a lot of financial sacrifices. It is hugely challenging to make a steady, consistent […]

Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis


10/8/13  The President says more stuff while the White House press corps keeps trying to make out with him. Listen tonight at 10pm ET/7pm Pacific on FTR Radio. You can also listen on your mobile device by searching “FTRRadio” on your Shoutcast or Tune-In Radio app.

Is It Easier to Vote Fraudulently than Sign Up for Obamacare?

voter fraud

To start, tonight I went to the website to peruse it & see what it would cost me to get health insurance, since technically, I’m part-time on my jobs & the one that has benefits for part-time employees will be discontinuing that coverage next year. The other job does not offer benefits for part-time […]