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I pray that all is well. I have been working hard on my fictional writing as well as literally – I got a seasonal part-time job this year to earn extra money for my book publication costs. Thanks again so much to those of you who generously donated to my Indiegogo campaign for the editing/publication costs for my first novel, The Elements, which will be released as an e-book in March 2013! I recent purchased the domain name for my website so please note that the new website is www.theelementsbooks.com! Okay….back to business. This is just a brief post regarding a conversation I had tonight at work with many regarding…..(drumroll)..Obama vs Romney….(it’s informal ya’ll – hey, I’m a Southerner!)

Now, I normally don’t discuss politics at work but today a young brother said, “Have you voted for Obama yet?”. Note the language. He didn’t ask if I had voted yet, just whether or not I had voted for Obama yet. So I told him that I won’t be voting for Obama. There were several other people standing around and they all were like “Huh? What? Wow?” They asked why & I explained. When I started explaining more & more started gathering around & listening. It literally became “Ask Talitha” night. They had ALL sorts of questions for me about specific issues – most of the questions were about Obamacare to be honest & they all wanted to know WHY I was supporting Mitt Romney.

80% of them said that they had never met a black Conservative/Republican and that they really appreciated the fact that I answered their questions immediately & in great detail. I must have answered about 70-80 questions – literally. I didn’t lie to them & told them that although Romney was not my top pick I still support him because social issues aside, IMO he will best handle the economic issues. I really had to educate many on the growing debt. I am shocked that there were not more questions about that. One black woman came up to me later & said that she really appreciated all that I shared because she was a Democrat but didn’t support Obama but was afraid to share that. She spoke with me at length about the history of the Democratic party & the GOP as well. She said “You are so bold!”

 Needless to say, tonight was a very interesting & wonderful night. I don’t know how many minds I changed, but I know I got them to think hard about the issues & their level of involvement in the politics in general. I explained why we all must get involved in local politics as well. A few said to me “Obama is trying – the Republicans won’t pass his bills.” You all that know me & follow know I quickly debunked that statement. Several told me they were going to do a “fact check” on me & get back to me tomorrow. I told them….”by all means….don’t believe me outright, do your homework”. Why? because somehow, we have got to shift the mindset of the voting public to one of blind apathy or “following” to one of “fact-checking” of our leaders. Folks, this is the REAL “Hope & Change” – ROMNEY/RYAN 2012!!!!


  1. Julie says:

    I’ve just started following you. Mostly because of your honesty in sharing about our overwhelming disappointment of this election. You are an incredibly impressive person.
    Can you please share with me the statement you made ……
    “the Republicans won’t pass his bills.” You all that know me & follow know I quickly debunked that statement.”
    What is your response to these people.

  2. Hi Julie! I apologize for the tardiness of my response but between all of the writing I do my schedule gets very hectic & it gets hard sometimes to keep up with the many messages & comments I get sometimes. Thanks so much for the compliment and I am humbled. My response to that statement is that when Barack Obama took office in 2008 the Democratic party had control of both the House & the Senate. The GOP did not gain control of the House until 2011, the 3rd year of his first term, so when democrats say things like, “he’s trying but the Republicans won’t pass his bills” I know that they are very ill-informed on congressional demographics. Until 2011 the Democrats had control of the House & Senate, the GOP gained control of the House in 2011 but the Democrats still control the Senate even now. So how could it be the GOP’s fault when the Democratic party had control of Congress for the 1st 3 years of Barack Obama’s presidency? It’s silly to say something like that. This is also why 2014 is another very important election year because many congressman are up for re-election, so our votes will be important. I pray all is well with you Julie & please feel free to post any comments or questions that you may have on this blog or any other on this site. Be Blessed!

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