Spitzer Accuses Fellow Republican/Election Opponent of Racism

Orange County, CA- The controversial vote to remove Deb Pauly from her post as Orange County GOP vice chair continues to cause ripples in the party and the political races associated with it. On May 24 Todd Spitzer-  Pauly’s opponent for in the race for county supervisor – released a campaign email blasting Pauly for what he describes as her refusal to “disavow the support of segregationist endorser Robert Walters”.  Spitzer went on to say “I’ve watched this issue unfold over the past week and I can’t remain silent any longer. I dont’ want my children growing up in a country where this kind of racism is tolerated.” The email has elicited a myriad of responses from Orange County voters and politicians. Some feel it was too harsh and have called on Spitzer to retract. While Pauly has been under fire in the past for refusing to denounce Republican Marilyn Davenport for her questionable email regarding Obama, a party insider points out that many on the central committee did not denounce Davenport, including some minorities.

When asked about the email Pauly accused Spitzer of playing politics and trying to make something out of a non-issue. “This is all designed to take attention away from the campaign [for Supervisor]. It’s nothing more than a diversion  and it makes him look silly”. Pauly says she actually did call Walters about the mailers and asked him straight out if he was a racist/white supremacist. “I wanted to find out if this really was his heart, and if it was did he support me because he believed it was my heart too? He assured me it wasn’t and reminded me that Wallace denounced his own racist views years later.”

The Spitzer email acknowledges as much, although he may not have been aware of Pauly’s call to Walters at the time. “Even George Wallace himself disavowed his racist views”, but then goes on to add “I call on Deb Pauly to please reconsider her position and dissociate from this vile and hurtful racism. Her silence speaks volumes.”

“This is something you would expect from the left,” added Pauly. “Not from someone in your own party.”

Spitzer was unavailable for comment on this story.


  1. HOLLY says:

    This is APPALLING. Deb knew nothing of this gentleman, he donated to her campaign, and then on his own he sent out a letter to ask people to support Deb. He has apparently disavowed his past. So if ole Todd wants a person’s past to haunt them forever and to be held against them forever, even if they have changed, then Todd has to answer for his past actions of taking money from unions, supporting a 3@50 plan which INCREASED pensions for public employees, and was associated with OC Sheriff Carona who is now in JAIL. We should NEVER forget Todd’s past, we should hold it against him, and not vote for him because of his past actions. He can’t change, no matter what he says now. Right Todd?

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