Spitzer: Pauly is a Political Pyromaniac

Last night Orange County Republican Todd Spitzer stopped by my show to share his side of the most recent controversy surrounding his opponent for county supervisor, Deb Pauly. Pauly was on the show last Sunday to talk about her campaign and combat charges of racism, and here is a post about Pauly’s ousting from her position as vice-chair of the Orange County Republican Party.

Spitzer recently sent an email to campaign supporters loaded with charges of racism against Pauly and her supporter Bob Walters, who has a segregationist past. It has since prompted somewhat of a backlash and Deb Pauly accused Spitzer of employing the tactics of the political left in order to win the election. I questioned Todd extensively about the nature of his accusations, his email, and if the vote to remove Pauly from her post was a “political game”. I admitted that I thought his email was divisive and uncalled for, and I did press him about that and other issues. Here are some key quotes from the interview. You can listen to the entire interview here; Spitzer’s segment begins at about 36 minutes (you may want to listen to guest Pam Geller in the first segment; she was great!).

On Pauly as an opponent – “I think Deb Pauly is a very articulate, very effective candidate. She has tremendous tenacity. Anybody who thinks that she has not given me a run for her money has not been watching this race.”
On Pauly as party vice-chair – “I call her a political pyromaniac. She has a reputation, an ability to come in and start these fires and then she kind of steps back and watches them burn while people are running because they are in a panic.”
On the idea that the Bob Walters controversy is dredging up the past -“He hasn’t renounced that time in his life publicly.”
On accusing Pauly of racism -“I dont think Pauly is a racist, but I still think Walters is a segregationist and a racist and I would have expected her to disavow [him].”
On being accused of playing dirty tricks just before the election – “Who is the one that’s taken more heat by the demotion of Pauly than me? You don’t think I’ve been more concerned about the backlash on me? This doesn’t help my campaign. This gives Pauly more attention than she’s had the entire campaign.”
On Pauly’s claim he and party Chairman Scott Baugh orchestrated the vote to oust her -“Scott and I are not close at all. He supports what I stand for. I was one of the first candidates to stand up and say I will not take union money. I have not taken any union endorsements…I’ve never been a part of the establishment. I’ve always run as an outsider. It’s laughable.”

Spitzer had much more to say, including some more choice words for Pauly’s approach to politics. Again, you can listen to the entire interview here. Thanks to Todd and Deborah for taking the time to speak to the people of Orange County and the nation through my show. And don’t forget, the Dark Side with Kira Davis is on every Tuesday and Sunday night at 7p.m. Pacific.

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