Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis

3/4/12  Tonight on the Dark Side with Kira Davis: Slugate, Flukegate, Limbaughgate… I can’t wait for the day when someone named Gate screws up so we can finally have a Gategate. And what does the loss of Andrew Breitbart mean for conservatives and what comes next? Plus I’ll make my always accurate predictions for the upcoming week in news. Join us tonight at 10pm ET, 7pm Pacific on the CDNews Network on Blogtalk Radio. 


  1. Kathi Trent says:

    I don’t know how you will handle the Sleep Number Bed’s decision to suspend sponsorship of Rush. I’ve called that toll free number and left a voice mail. My guess is that ‘media matters’ got to them before we Conservatives ever thought to. Anyway, one can leave a message and I did. It makes me sick that Conservatives are too busy making a living, raising their families, building a better life for the children and grandchildren and the left is doing the fine job of bullying everyone from Susan Komen Foundation to Sleep Number Bed and having success. It makes me sick.

    Sincerely and not without Hope!

    Kathi Trent
    Norman, OK

  2. Mary says:

    Here’s one of many suggestions Sandra Fluke (I know she’s not really a college student but I can pretend for a moment) can do to help with her dilemma: Give up sex for 6 out of the 12 months per year (I’m sure there have been many of us that have gone without sex for a while) that’s a savings of $1,500 dollars right there; secondly, how about getting the guy to pay for half of that (he’s after all 50% of the equation), another savings of $750 dollars. That leaves her with an expense of $750 as opposed to $3,000 (a savings of 75%!) Now, amortize that over one year and that is equivalent to $2.05 per day (that’ less than a Starbucks latte per day.) If that’s still too much for Ms. Fluke, she can always go to her nearby clinic and get all the free condoms she wants…problem solved!

    It’s obvious that the whole mock testimony was a ruse to get the liberal media to ‘react’ and provide the media exposure for the liberal cause. It’s shameful that the left needs to lie and cheat to get their message across.

  3. David Fry says:

    I just cancelled my Go to My PC account. Going back to self administered VPN. More work, but I vote with my money. Glad I bought the Temperpedic, not the sleep number!

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