Watch Me Ask the President…

So, I talked to the President today via Google+Hangout. No biggie. Whatevs. Happens ever day. Here’s a short clip of one of my questions. I’ll post the full video when it’s up.


  1. Brenda Hellwig says:

    Lies. Wasn’t his White House sued under Freedom of Info Act to release visitor logs? Benghazi just a campaign issue?! How many days w/o Presidential press conference?

  2. rocker98 says:

    Benghazi a campaign issue? Really? This was something to help your campaign?

    Not to mention “ugh….ugh….ugh….” The zero has no clothes. He IS transparent. Right before your eyes. Just like Bush. I’m an Independent now. At the time, Bush pissed me off too.

    • Jason says:

      It was a campaign issue for him because his administration screwed up big time months before the election. He and his Secretary of State dismissed requests from our embassy in Libya for increased security when intelligence showed that they were at risk. Obama’s biggest national security victory had been the death of Osama Bin Laden which he claimed put Al Qaeda on the ropes. So when American’s were killed in Benghazi due to his and Clinton’s mistakes, he couldn’t admit that it was a planned Al Qaeda attack that could have been prevented. They lied and put up smoke screens about a “spontaneous uprising” over a movie that no-one had ever heard about. That’s about as transparent as it gets…

  3. Bailey says:

    Congress has run out of questions to ask?! Yeah, maybe because they can’t get a single straight answer on ANYTHING they’ve asked so far! Ridiculous. Excellent job and great question, Kira!! I would have been stuttering so hard if I had that opportunity, haha.

  4. Pat says:

    For a real good look at how (not) transparent this government really is, check out:

  5. Joy McCann says:

    He just droned on and on, prevaricating his ass off.

  6. Doug Perkins says:

    Congress is “sort of running out of things to ask” on Benghazi???? OK, so then I will ask, how about that, you f**king traitor: who gave the stand down order, and why was it given? To help who? If it was to help the American people, then tell us how killing an American in the government’s employ helps America? Since I know you won’t answer this, Mr. BO, how about I will? YOU or someone under YOUR ORDERS, gave the order to stand down, and the WHY was to conceal some illegal operation you had going, be it gun running or a fake kidnapping of Stevens to make it so you could trade the Blind Sheik to Egypt, or something else. And in this country, Mr. Perg-ident, that is MURDER, and you should be dealt with as a murderer!!

  7. Mike O says:

    Transparent?? Where are the SURVIVORS OF BENGHAZI (somewhere around 32)? Why are they not available to testify? Where is the Fast & Furious documents?

  8. Valerie Kerwin says:

    Man, that guy sure can spread the manure. But, Kira, you are my HERO! I move we allow Canadian-born Americans to run for President!! You have my vote!

  9. Glenn says:

    After that performance Mr. President, I was almost star-struck enough by your personal magnetism to shut up and believe you, except that you weren’t telling the truth.

  10. mike says:

    He can sugar-coat a turd better than anyone!

  11. Tom Ford says:

    Transparency? show me where in history our government ,or for that matter, any government , has ever been totally transparent. They all say they want to be but, only after they get caught trying to burry something, and even then it all sounds like a coverup, and probably is. Like Kennedy assination, or watergate, We all know part of being a good politician is to be a great bullshit artist. This is true for both parties. I am a concervative whole hearted, and i am also a realist, and the one thing i know for sure is that whoever is in office, their guy or our guy, is going to lie to us and cover things up if the need arrises . don’t ever think you know everything thats going on people, you don’t and you never will

  12. CHARLES F JONES says:

    What a bunch of HOOEY! I guess that we will never get a straight truthful answer from that guy!

    Excellent question…too bad that you could not follow up with examples of how he was inaccurate.

    Good Job Kira, Congratulations!

  13. John Gessner says:

    Dear B.O.
    Its easy to be transparent on tons of inconsequential issues, but from my observations, on the important issues, the only transparent actions of your administration have been the lies – the greatest lie of all is “This has been the most transparent administration in history.”

  14. LDMartin1959 says:

    This is a “response”, not an answer. It is one of those, “if I say enough things about all sorts of things, and I make all sorts of declarations for which I don’t actually provide any specific support, the original question will be buried and forgotten in the minds of most people listening and they will actually *THINK* I answered the question when in fact I’ve just said a bunch of nothing that says nothing and means nothing.”

    The 0 is very good at that.

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