White Folks: Guilty Until Proven NOT Racist…

Contributor Marquis Campbell

Proving others wrong is such a natural aspect of human nature. When those around us challenge our beliefs and stances, there is nothing more fulfilling than being able to have examples of things that can logically prove our points.

 For a long time, I’ve been ostracized by those around me for being a Black Conservative Republican. What’s shaken them up even more is that not only do I have strong Conservative convictions; I BLOG about them. Many cannot understand the concept of free-thinking in the Black community. Therefore, so many strong feelings are expressed at the idea that I can articulate my political views in a sense where they have no choice but to understand where I’m coming from without wrongfully placing judgment on my opinions. Okay, maybe I’m stretching that last part, since Black liberals will still judge me more harshly than Simon Cowell listening to William Hung. The fact of the matter is that I cannot escape from the harsh criticism that comes along with my political and social beliefs. One such criticism is that I support a Party/system that “does not do anything for Blacks, nor does it believe in any Black cause”. I’ve been told that the people with whom I associate are no more than racist hatemongers who are using me as a token, and have no genuine care for me. Well, stop right there. I have 2 experiences to share that will shut you up quicker than Al Sharpton during his quarterly hair treatments.

 As my conservative principles have gotten even stronger, so has my support for the Tea Party movement. At some crazy point in time, I entered the parallel universe for free-thinking Blacks where I  realized that I was already against the ideas of government dependence, government tyranny, and government extortion, among other radical ideas. So why did I express support for politicians who supported them? That’s rhetorical, of course. Yeah, I was pretty black-washed. The Tea Party encompassed all of the things that I loved about our country. It also exposed me to just how much power the American people have over government. Libbys don’t like that, because they’d like their Saviour Obummer to have absolute power to implement free everything… And shrimp on treadmills… And dog tacos. So even with my heavy support for the movement, I hadn’t actually been to a rally or meeting for the two years that I watched it on TV. So what did I do? I took my self-hating behind to a meeting of the New Jersey Tea Party Coalition based in Rochelle Park, NJ. I brought goodies, per the memo’s request. Upon my entrance, I was waiting on the blank stares and gasps from these nigger-hating whities. Surprisingly, they welcomed me as a normal person! I was not looked upon as a token or display case to dissociate their movement from allegations of racism. No. I was viewed as an individual with something to offer to their cause, and not just the cookies and cake that I walked in with.

 Fast forward a month to #BlogConCLT. The illustrious founder and namesake of this very website gave me a personal invitation to come and network with like-minded individuals. There was no way I could pass up such an opportunity. Until the day I left for Charlotte, I got all kinds of remarks about the people I was going to meet. According to those I interacted with, I was going to meet people who truly hated Black people, and would see it “raw and uncut”. I was going to see a lot of the covert racism as well, in their eyes. I must say, there was a lot of racial commentary… Over DRINKS, and that’s about it. Interacting with these awesome conservative writers was such an enlightening and riveting rite of passage. I received so much support and welcoming words. These fellow bloggers displayed exactly what we all write about. They showed colorblindness and love for their fellow man. I acquired such a large quantity of useful information relating to investigative journalism, as well as a blogger’s legal rights. Not once did I get a side eye, scoff, or frown from these “racists tea-baggers”. Nope. I felt more at home than Snooki at a tanning salon.

 So for all you liberal nutjobs that still believe the Right is so hateful? Try attending a BlogCon convention or a Tea Party meeting/rally. If you feel like you’ve been proven right afterwards, I will personally go on Keith Olbermann’s show with a huge watermelon and “Barack 2012″ shirt… And shuck ‘n’ jive to “Dixie”. No, seriously. I will.


  1. Maureen G. says:

    Excellent piece!

  2. Steve says:

    Marquis, thank you for this article my brother. I sent it to all my lib friends & family, as they only believe what the lame stream media puts out & what their other lib friends have to say. They don’t see that is is the left that is preoccupied with race. And believe all the lies that come out of the ‘Saul Alinski’ doctrine believing world. We conservatives don’t give a crap about race. We don’t judge & vilify people the way leftist do. When I heard the congressional black caucus say, “the Tea-Party wants to see black people hanging from trees,” I went nuts! I knew now absolutely, that it was the left & the liberal black left that were the true racists. It seems they can get away with saying anything & the media won’t call them out. Only conservatives are put under that microscope.

  3. Kender Breitbart MacGowan says:

    Now the question is how do we take this message INTO the liberal black community? Imagine all the hell you get, Marquis, as a black man speaking about conservativism then consider how it is to me a white man trying to “convert” someone who is black.

  4. M. M. says:

    Excellent writing and thoughts!

  5. Toxz Qwaste says:

    what is a Keith Olbermann. never heard of him. Is he on TV or something?

  6. MissyT says:

    Thank you for that breath of fresh air. There are people of color and diversity in the TP’s, but the TP needs more people of color and cultures even if their friends and family do not hold the same conservative views. They will be welcome and invited to speak their mind and contribute. Kudos to you, Motionn – get the word out!

  7. Caddi says:

    That was quite an impressive (hmmm or should I say Marvelous) piece Marquis…looking forward to reading more!

  8. PunditPete says:

    Great job Marquis (and to Kira for adding you to this blog).

    Here is something that a Tea Party person (my wife Caryn) made up after being labeled racist just for expressing an opinion (and for being white). I think you’ll like it.


    Here is where it’s posted at Pundit Pete. http://www.punditpete.blogspot.com/2012/01/in-honor-of-dr-king-lets-bury-race-card.html

    Thanks for being a conservative. God bless.

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